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Gigi Hadid was recently spotted in New York City sporting a mix of sporty and bohemian trends, making a case for a versatile summer wardrobe. She wore a white cotton midi skirt with lace details and cutouts, paired with a tomato red crewneck sweater. Adding a sporty touch, she wore black Wales Bonner Adidas Samba sneakers and tall white socks, creating a unique blend of styles. The Wales Bonner Sambas, with their blanket stitched tongues, seem to bridge the gap between sporty and bohemian, creating a cohesive look.

Hadid’s outfit is not the typical flowing, layered boho style but something more approachable for anyone with a white skirt and sneakers. She later recreated a similar look, this time adding a grungy flannel shirt around her waist and a yellow trucker hat. While she switched out her sweater for Chuck Taylors and high white socks, she maintained the same base look with the white skirt and crop top. The versatility of a white tee and cotton skirt as a base allows for endless styling options, as seen through Hadid’s interchangeable accessories and layers.

It’s clear that Hadid is embracing the sporty-boho trend this summer, offering inspiration for those looking to mix and match different styles. Whether it’s a casual day look with a sweater and sneakers or a more edgy vibe with a flannel and hat, Hadid proves that a white skirt and tee can be the foundation for a variety of outfits. Taking inspiration from the Miu Miu spring 2024 runway, she completes her looks with an overflowing bag, adding a touch of high fashion to her casual ensembles.

This summer, Hadid is showing that it’s possible to blend contrasting styles to create a unique and personalized wardrobe. By combining sporty elements like sneakers and tall socks with bohemian touches like lace details and flowy skirts, she demonstrates that fashion boundaries can be pushed. Her incorporation of trendy pieces like the Wales Bonner Adidas Sambas adds a contemporary edge to her looks, keeping them fresh and current. Her ability to mix and match different pieces and accessories showcases her creativity and individual style.

Overall, Gigi Hadid’s summer style is a perfect example of how to experiment with different trends and create a wardrobe that is both versatile and stylish. By combining sporty and bohemian elements in unexpected ways, she challenges conventional fashion norms and offers a new perspective on summer dressing. Her effortless blending of high fashion pieces with everyday basics proves that fashion can be fun, creative, and accessible to everyone. Whether it’s a simple white skirt and tee or a more elaborate layered look, Hadid’s outfits are a reflection of her unique personal style and willingness to take risks in fashion.

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