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Grid Studio is a company that creates artwork featuring deconstructed components of iconic devices such as iPhones, game consoles, and more. While their products can be on the pricier side, they are currently offering a Father’s Day sale with discounts of up to $100 on select items and 15% off the rest when you use the discount code FA15. One of the standout deals includes the Grid 4S, showcasing the internal components of the iPhone 4S, available for $99 which is a $70 savings. Gamers can also snag the Grid Game Boy Pocket for just $129, a $100 discount from its original price, while the Grid NES controller is now priced at $139 with a $30 discount and an extra 15% off with the discount code.

In addition to these featured products, Grid Studio offers a variety of other deconstructed device artworks, including those from Nokia, Google, Sony, and BlackBerry, as well as different Apple products like the Apple Watch, iPod Classic, and iPad Mini. Due to limited quantities and items selling out quickly, it is recommended to make a purchase sooner rather than later to secure the desired product or collection. For those who prefer their iPhones intact, CNET also provides a list of the best iPhone deals for an alternative option.

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For tech enthusiasts looking to decorate their walls with unique and stylish artwork featuring deconstructed components of beloved devices, Grid Studio’s offerings present a visually appealing and innovative option. With the current Father’s Day sale providing discounts and savings on select items, now is an excellent opportunity to acquire these artistic pieces at a reduced price. Whether it’s the Grid 4S showcasing the internal workings of the iPhone 4S, the Grid Game Boy Pocket for nostalgic gamers, or the Grid NES controller for retro gaming enthusiasts, there are various options available to suit different tastes and preferences. Check out the limited quantities and act quickly to secure your favorite device artwork before it sells out.

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