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Microsoft recently revamped its Xbox Live Gold memberships, offering a new tiered system with different subscriptions to choose from. The Game Pass Core subscription, priced at $10 per month, includes access to online multiplayer for console gamers and a library of over 25 titles. For PC gamers, there is a PC Game Pass that also costs $10 per month and provides access to a larger library of PC games and new releases on Day 1, as well as an EA Play membership. Additionally, there is a Game Pass Console subscription for single-player gamers that offers a vast library of games but does not include online multiplayer access. The Game Pass Ultimate subscription, priced at $17 per month, combines the benefits of Core and Console memberships, providing access to the entire Game Pass library on console, PC, and mobile devices.

To make the subscriptions more affordable, third-party retailers like CDKeys are offering discounted deals on Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. For Game Pass Ultimate, CDKeys is offering a three-month subscription for $31, saving $16 compared to the monthly plan. For Game Pass Core, a 12-month subscription is available for $58, saving $62 compared to the monthly plan. Target also offers a discount on the 3-month Game Pass Ultimate subscription, bringing the price down to $40 from the regular $50, saving 20%. These deals allow users to stack subscriptions and pay for several months in advance at a lower cost.

The Game Pass Ultimate subscription is described as the best option for gamers who want access to a wide range of games and features across multiple platforms. It includes access to the entire Game Pass library on console, PC, and mobile devices, as well as online multiplayer capabilities. The subscription also offers perks like exclusive offers, in-game content, and the EA Play membership. Overall, Game Pass Ultimate is considered the “best content deal in gaming” and is ideal for gamers who want a comprehensive gaming experience without compromise.

While discounts on Xbox Game Pass subscriptions are currently limited, the deals from third-party retailers like CDKeys and Target offer significant savings for users looking to subscribe to Game Pass. These deals make it more affordable for gamers to access a wide range of games and features across their preferred platforms. By taking advantage of these discounted subscriptions, gamers can enjoy a variety of gaming experiences at a lower cost, without compromising on quality or access to exclusive content. Overall, the new tiered system of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions provides options for gamers to choose the plan that best suits their gaming preferences and budget.

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