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The state of Washington is utilizing drone technology to combat graffiti vandalism along Interstate-5, from Tacoma to Seattle, and in the north Spokane corridor. Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed House Bill 1989, which mandates the Washington State Department of Transportation to operate a pilot program testing “spray drone technology” to cover up existing graffiti. This technology is being employed in response to the increasing costs associated with graffiti removal, with WSDOT reporting spending $1.4 million over a two-year period and expecting even more expenses in the future.

The bill also includes the use of cameras to deter and identify perpetrators of graffiti vandalism. Rep. Andrew Barkis, who sponsored the bill, noted the growing concern among Washingtonians regarding the prevalence of graffiti on roadways and emphasized the need for a comprehensive response to address this issue. The goal of the program is to effectively combat graffiti along key areas of the interstate with innovative technology, sending a clear message that vandalism will not be tolerated.

While “spray drones” are more commonly used in agricultural settings for tasks such as spraying pesticides, Washington is embracing this technology to combat graffiti in urban environments. The use of drones is not new to the state, as they have already been employed in firefighting efforts and aiding law enforcement. By utilizing drones for graffiti removal, WSDOT aims to reduce the costs associated with cleaning up vandalism and deter future incidents through increased surveillance and identification of perpetrators.

The pilot program initiated by the bill will focus on testing the effectiveness of spray drone technology in combating graffiti vandalism in specific areas along Interstate-5 and the north Spokane corridor. By targeting these high-traffic areas, WSDOT hopes to make a significant impact on reducing the prevalence of graffiti and improving the overall appearance of the state’s roadways. The use of drones for graffiti removal represents a shift towards more efficient and innovative solutions to addressing vandalism and maintaining public infrastructure.

The deployment of drones for graffiti removal reflects a growing trend in the use of technology to address various societal challenges. By leveraging advanced tools such as drones and cameras, Washington state is taking a proactive approach to combatting graffiti vandalism and minimizing the associated costs. The implementation of such technology not only improves efficiency in graffiti removal but also serves as a deterrent to future acts of vandalism, ultimately enhancing the quality of public spaces and infrastructure in the state.

Overall, the use of spray drone technology to combat graffiti vandalism along key areas of Interstate-5 in Washington state marks a significant step towards addressing this issue with innovative solutions. The pilot program initiated by House Bill 1989 underscores the state’s commitment to tackling graffiti vandalism through advanced technology and comprehensive strategies. By combining the use of drones and cameras, Washington aims to reduce costs, deter perpetrators, and enhance the overall appearance and safety of its roadways.

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