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Ivan Toney is expected to play in England’s match against Belgium, and manager Gareth Southgate is confident in the striker’s abilities. Southgate emphasizes the importance of Toney’s swagger and self-belief on the international stage. Toney has been in impressive form since returning from an eight-month ban for violating FA gambling regulations. This return to form has caught the attention of the England coaching staff, who believe Toney is ready to make an impact for the national team.

Toney has been a standout player for Brentford this season, demonstrating his talent and determination on the pitch. His performances have not gone unnoticed by Southgate, who is impressed with Toney’s confidence and ability to handle pressure. The striker’s mental strength and self-assurance are qualities that Southgate values in his players, especially in high-pressure games like the upcoming match against Belgium. Toney’s swagger and belief in himself are seen as key assets that could help him succeed at the international level.

Toney’s ban for breaking gambling rules was a setback in his career, but he has returned from it with a renewed focus and determination to succeed. Southgate acknowledges the challenges Toney has faced but believes that the experience has made him a stronger and more resilient player. Toney’s ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to perform at a high level is a testament to his character and work ethic. Southgate sees Toney as a player who is willing to learn from his mistakes and grow from them, making him an asset to the England squad.

Southgate’s confidence in Toney’s abilities is reflected in his decision to include him in the team for the match against Belgium. The manager believes that Toney has the skills and mindset to make a positive impact on the game and help England secure a victory. Toney’s form for Brentford has been exceptional, and Southgate is hopeful that he can carry that form into the international arena. Toney’s inclusion in the squad is a testament to his hard work and dedication, and Southgate is eager to see him perform on the big stage.

Toney’s presence in the England squad adds depth and competition to the team’s forward line, providing Southgate with more options and flexibility in his tactics. The striker’s versatility and goal-scoring ability make him a valuable asset for the national team, and Southgate is excited to see how he can contribute in the upcoming match. Toney’s inclusion in the squad is a reflection of his impressive performances for Brentford and his potential to make an impact at the highest level. Southgate’s faith in Toney’s abilities showcases the striker’s talent and potential to excel on the international stage.

In conclusion, Ivan Toney’s return from a ban for breaking gambling rules has not hindered his progress, as he has shown resilience and determination to succeed. Gareth Southgate’s confidence in Toney’s abilities and mindset reflects the striker’s potential to make a positive impact for England. Toney’s inclusion in the squad for the match against Belgium is a testament to his hard work and talent, and Southgate is optimistic about his contributions to the team. Toney’s swagger and self-belief are seen as crucial qualities that could help him shine on the international stage, and Southgate is eager to see him showcase his skills against top competition.

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