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Over the long May weekend, thousands of Quebecers took advantage of the warm weather to work on their yards and gardens, preparing them for the summer season. At the Marché de l’Ouest garden centre in Montreal’s West Island, weekend revenues typically increase by 30 percent during this three-day period. The manager, John Reeves, mentioned that hanging baskets and tropical plants were among the best selling items, with the center being the largest supplier of flowers in Quebec. Shoppers flocked to the aisles looking for the perfect plants and flowers for their gardens, with some mentioning their intentions to add color to their homes with rose bushes, basil, and rosemary.

Apart from the busy garden centres, many gardening enthusiasts spent the weekend sprucing up their yards. One gardener, Sossy Hanounik, expressed her plans to plant flowers, tomatoes, and cucumbers in her front yard. Although her children and grandchildren now handle most of the work, she still takes pride in maintaining her garden, having grown up surrounded by nature. The weekend serves as an opportunity for people, whether newcomers to gardening or experienced veterans, to get their hands dirty and cultivate their green thumbs for the season ahead.

The warm weather proved to be beneficial for horticultural businesses, with many customers seizing the opportunity to work on their yards and gardens. The Marché de l’Ouest garden centre saw a surge in weekend revenues, with hanging baskets and tropical plants flying off the shelves. In addition to stocking up on plants, many shoppers were eager to add variety and color to their homes, mentioning their preferences for specific plants like rose bushes, basil, and rosemary.

Gardening enthusiasts were not the only ones taking advantage of the long weekend to tend to their outdoor spaces. People like Sossy Hanounik were hard at work in their yards, planting a variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Despite having her children and grandchildren help with the gardening now, Hanounik still enjoys getting involved in the process and taking pride in the final results. Whether with years of experience or just starting out, many individuals used the weekend as an opportunity to connect with nature and nurture their gardens for the upcoming season.

For many, the long May weekend presented the ideal opportunity to engage in gardening activities, from shopping for plants at garden centers to planting them in their yards. The surge in interest in gardening during this period benefits horticultural businesses, as evidenced by the increased weekend revenues at the Marché de l’Ouest garden centre. As people invest time and effort in beautifying their outdoor spaces, they also foster a deeper connection with nature, whether through traditional gardening practices or introducing new elements to their yards. Regardless of skill level, the long weekend serves as a starting point for many to cultivate their green thumbs and create vibrant, thriving gardens.

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