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Garcelle Beauvais recently spoke about Crystal Kung Minkoff’s departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, expressing disappointment but also confidence that Crystal will be fine. The RHOBH cast has already started filming season 14, with Garcelle teasing that it will be a really good season. Crystal announced her exit from the show in April in an Instagram video, thanking fans for their support and sharing her personal stories. Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen praised Crystal’s departure message for being eloquent and classy. Original housewife Kyle Richards expressed sadness at seeing Crystal leave the show.

According to a source, Crystal was reportedly fired from RHOBH because she wasn’t delivering a compelling storyline. Producers felt that she didn’t have enough material to contribute to the show, which ultimately led to her departure. Another newcomer, Annemarie Wiley, also announced that she won’t be returning for season 14, expressing disappointment at how she was brought onto the show mid-season without much preparation. These departures suggest that season 14 of RHOBH may have some changes in store for viewers, as new cast members are expected to join the remaining ones.

Despite Crystal’s departure, Garcelle hinted that season 14 of RHOBH will be fun and fresh, promising viewers an exciting and entertaining season ahead. The cast has already started filming and is expected to bring a new level of excitement to the long-running Bravo reality show. Crystal’s departure marks the end of her three-season run on the show, during which she shared personal stories and connected with viewers. While some may be sad to see her go, others are anticipating what the new season will bring with the addition of new cast members.

Crystal’s exit from RHOBH sparked speculation and rumors about the reasons behind her departure, with some reports suggesting she was fired due to lack of a compelling storyline. The insider source claimed that producers felt she wasn’t bringing enough to the show and made the decision to let her go as a result. With these changes in the cast lineup, viewers can expect a shakeup in the dynamics within the show and potentially new storylines to follow. Despite the departures of Crystal and Annemarie, the remaining cast members are preparing for a new season filled with surprises and drama.

Garcelle and her RHOBH costars have been busy filming season 14, with fans eagerly awaiting news about what the new season will entail. While Crystal’s departure was unexpected, it opens up the possibility for new cast members to join and bring fresh perspectives to the show. Regardless of the changes in the lineup, the cast seems optimistic about the upcoming season and is confident that viewers will enjoy the new episodes. With filming already underway, fans can look forward to an exciting and entertaining season 14 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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