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Americans have ranked various activities as turn-ons, including being told “I like that” during sex, neck kisses, ear nibbling, and eye contact. There is even an appeal to the “dad bod” aesthetic. An analysis of 500,000 Pure users revealed specific turn-ons associated with each zodiac sign, with Aries being into friends with benefits and sex in public places, Taurus enjoying breakfast and film buffs, Gemini being attracted to sapiosexuality and role play, and Cancer expressing interest in BDSM dynamics.

Leos find pleasure in chocolate, role-play, and stripteases, while Virgos enjoy home sex videos, oral sex, being dominant, and sexting. Libras prefer activities like going to hotels, being watched, artsy dates, and foot fetishes, while Scorpios are into dirty talk, partners who have been to therapy, and cosplay. Sagittarians seek turn-ons in things like literature, cuckolding, and music, while Capricorns find enjoyment in stripteases, board games, and foot fetishes.

Aquarians show interest in biting, tattoos, piercings, friends with benefits, sapiosexuality, and sexy sleepovers, reflecting their cerebral nature. Pisces individuals are drawn to choking, being a sub, music, and sex in public places due to their Neptune-ruled tendencies. The writer, Reda Wigle, explores the relationship between astrology and sexual preferences of each zodiac sign, incorporating historical, poetic, and personal experiences into her work. She shares insights on how planetary configurations influence turn-ons and preferences in the context of each zodiac sign.

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