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The far-right National Rally party is currently leading in French polls, causing concern about a potential rightward shift in the European Union. French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal issued a warning that “Europe is mortal” as he campaigned for Valérie Hayer, the lead candidate for Emmanuel Macron’s ruling Renaissance Party in the European elections. Attal emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections as Europe faces various threats. With just over a week left until the elections, the National Rally holds over 30% of the vote, followed by Renaissance and the Socialists. Macron has urged voters to wake up to the growing popularity of the far right in French politics.

Attal expressed concerns about the EU potentially falling behind in economic competition with the US and China, as well as the threat posed by Russia. He stressed the importance of the bloc being able to defend itself without relying on American support. Hayer, on the other hand, focused her campaign on women’s rights, highlighting the need to continue fighting for gender equality. She called on women to unite in the face of challenges to their rights, emphasizing the responsibility they have to uphold the progress made by previous generations.

The upcoming European elections will be a crucial moment for France and the entire EU, as the far-right National Rally party continues to gain support. While Macron’s Renaissance Party is predicted to capture around 16% of the vote, the National Rally’s lead in the polls is a cause for concern. Attal’s warning about the mortality of Europe reflects the high stakes of the election. The outcome will determine the direction in which France and the EU as a whole are headed, with implications for economic competitiveness, defense capabilities, and women’s rights.

Attal’s call for voters to pay attention to the rise of the far right underscores the urgency of the situation. The need for Europe to stand strong against external threats and ensure a prosperous future for its citizens is pressing. Hayer’s focus on women’s rights adds another dimension to the campaign, emphasizing the need to protect and advance gender equality. As France prepares to vote on June 9th, the decisions made in this election will have far-reaching consequences for the country and the European Union as a whole. The outcome will shape not only the political landscape but also the future direction of European policies and values.

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