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Diablo 4 has introduced a new system for improving gear, which can be a little overwhelming for players trying to navigate the various options available to enhance their equipment. There are four main ways to improve your gear: Imprinting, Enchanting, Tempering, and Masterworking. Each method requires different resources and has its own unique benefits. Imprinting allows players to apply legendary aspects to their gear without having to pull individual aspects from other pieces of gear. Enchanting has been improved to produce more relevant results, with fewer undesirable stats being added to gear.

Tempering, a new feature, allows players to add two new affixes to their gear, with legendaries now starting with three affixes at baseline. Players can find manuals that provide the best rolls for each category and can add affixes to two slots in two categories, potentially repeating affixes to further enhance their gear. However, players must be mindful of the limited number of times they can temper their gear before running out of charges. Masterworking is the ultimate endgame pursuit, with 12 levels that boost all affixes by 5% each. Players must gather materials from The Pit at various levels to reach the top-end materials necessary for masterworking. Every four levels, one random affix, including tempered ones, can receive a 25% boost, significantly increasing the power of the gear.

Players must also keep an eye out for enhanced affixes, marked by dots next to the item. These affixes can have 150% the normal value of the stat, making them highly sought after. Normal legendaries can have 1-3 enhanced affixes, while Unique items can have four. When combined with Masterworking, a fully maxed piece of gear would have all the right affixes in place and enhanced, providing a significant boost to the player’s power. The combination of these systems offers players a detailed and complex way to customize and enhance their gear in Diablo 4, ensuring that there are plenty of options for players looking to optimize their gameplay.

Blizzard recently made adjustments to the cost of masterworking, reducing the amount of gold required for players to progress through the levels. This change has been welcomed by players, making the endgame pursuit of building out gear more accessible. With the introduction of enhanced affixes and the various methods of improving gear, players have a multitude of options to explore as they strive to create the most powerful and effective gear sets. Players are encouraged to experiment with different combinations and strategies to find the perfect balance for their playstyle and maximize their potential in Diablo 4’s challenging gameplay.

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