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Night trains are experiencing a resurgence in Europe, with the Czech Republic now joining the trend with the introduction of a new sleeper train service. The first ‘Good Night Train’ service by European Sleeper recently departed from Brussels, Belgium, and is headed for the Czech Republic, passing through cities like Amsterdam and Berlin along the way. The company, European Sleeper, has plans to expand its routes in the future to contribute to a more integrated and sustainable European transportation network. This revival of night trains is driven by the concept of ‘flight shame’, where people are encouraged to seek alternative, more environmentally friendly modes of travel.

The co-founder of European Sleeper, Elmer Van Buuren, has emphasized the convenience and comfort of train travel compared to flying. Night trains offer a hassle-free way of transportation, departing and arriving in city centers, unlike airports located on the outskirts. Van Buuren aims to bring back the popularity of night trains, allowing passengers to rest and sleep comfortably during their journey and waking up in a new city refreshed and ready for their day. The ‘Good Night Train’ also caters to business travelers who can arrive at their professional meetings on time after a restful night’s sleep while on the train.

The reemergence of night trains in Europe is seen as a positive development by Czech Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka, who is pleased that the Czech Republic is not being left behind in this transportation trend. The ‘Good Night Train’ route also includes stops in cities like Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Dresden, offering travelers a convenient and eco-friendly option for their journeys. The resurgence of night trains presents an opportunity for travelers to experience a more relaxed and sustainable mode of transportation while exploring different cities across Europe.

European Sleeper is committed to expanding its night train services, with a goal of adding a new route each year to enhance the connectivity and sustainability of the European transportation network. The company’s focus on providing an alternative to flying and driving aligns with the growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional modes of transportation. By offering comfortable sleeping options and city-to-city service, European Sleeper aims to make train travel a viable and appealing choice for travelers seeking an eco-conscious and restful journey.

The revival of night trains in Europe is part of a broader movement towards sustainable and environmentally friendly travel options. As concerns about climate change and carbon footprints grow, the demand for alternative transportation modes that minimize environmental impact is increasing. Night trains offer travelers a convenient and comfortable way to explore different cities while reducing their carbon footprint. The ‘flight shame’ concept has inspired many to seek out more eco-friendly alternatives, leading to the resurgence of night trains as a viable option for transportation across Europe.

The European Sleeper’s ‘Good Night Train’ service represents a new era in train travel, catering to the changing preferences and priorities of modern travelers. By focusing on comfort, convenience, and sustainability, European Sleeper is poised to play a significant role in reshaping the European transportation landscape. As the company continues to expand its night train routes, it is likely that more travelers will embrace the allure of overnight train journeys as an environmentally conscious and enjoyable way to explore the diverse destinations across Europe.

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