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Former California State Assembly Minority Leader Scott Baugh, who is running for Congress in the state’s 47th Congressional District, has issued a stern warning to President Biden and Democrats regarding the influx of suspected illegal immigrants in the area. Baugh attributes this issue to Biden’s open border policies, stating that 10 million illegal immigrants have entered the country since Biden’s election. He believes that the country needs to reverse course and address this crisis to ensure national security.

The district Baugh aims to represent includes Newport Beach, where a recent incident involving suspected illegal immigrants disembarking from a boat brought attention to the ongoing problem in Orange County. Baugh expressed concern that these occurrences are becoming more frequent in California’s southern coast, turning even upscale areas like Newport Beach into border cities. He criticized his opponent’s policies of offering free benefits to illegal immigrants, which he believes serve as incentives for others to come.

Baugh also highlighted issues with California’s criminal justice policies, including Proposition 47, which softened penalties for certain crimes, and restrictions on local law enforcement turning over illegal immigrants to federal authorities. He argued that these lenient policies contribute to rising crime rates due to lack of accountability. Baugh emphasized the need for stronger border enforcement to curb illegal immigration and protect the country’s security interests.

If elected, Baugh plans to address the border crisis and tackle America’s growing debt, which he blames for the high levels of inflation under the Biden administration. He believes that undecided voters are gravitating towards his platform due to frustration with crime, inflation, illegal immigration, and failing schools. Despite the expected tight race, Baugh remains confident that his focus on these critical issues will resonate with voters looking for a brighter future.

In response to Baugh’s statements, his Democrat opponent, state Sen. Dave Min, criticized Baugh’s immigration stance, accusing him of obstructing a bipartisan immigration deal that would have enhanced border security measures. Min asserted that he would bring practical solutions to address the border crisis in Congress and work across party lines to achieve results. He condemned Baugh’s attacks as misrepresenting his commitment to national security and expressed confidence that voters would see through them.

Baugh, who previously served as a state assemblyman and minority leader, narrowly lost in a bid to unseat Democrat Rep. Katie Porter in 2022. Election analysts have labeled the current race for California’s 47th Congressional District as either leaning towards or tilting in favor of the Democratic party, or a toss-up. As the campaign progresses, both candidates are vying for support by presenting their visions for addressing key issues affecting the region and the nation.

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