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Frank Meeink, the former neo-Nazi who inspired Edward Norton’s character in “American History X,” has revealed a surprising twist in his life. After a violent, hate-filled past, Meeink discovered through DNA testing that he has Jewish ancestry and has since embraced Judaism. This revelation came after years of efforts to distance himself from his previous racist beliefs and actions.

Raised in an Irish-Catholic neighborhood in Philadelphia, Meeink was exposed to neo-Nazism by his cousin at a young age. He quickly became involved in extremist groups, spreading hate and violence. After serving time in prison for aggravated kidnapping, Meeink began to question his racist ideology, a journey that would ultimately lead him to discover his Jewish heritage.

Despite initially struggling with his newfound identity, Meeink has fully embraced Judaism. He now practices observant Jewish customs, attends synagogue regularly, and keeps kosher. His faith has become a source of strength and humility for him in the face of personal challenges and struggles, including substance abuse and personal loss.

Meeink’s transformation has been a slow and difficult process, marked by encounters with people who challenged his beliefs and showed him compassion. A turning point came when he was offered a job by a Jewish man, despite his past history of hate. This act of kindness and forgiveness had a profound impact on Meeink and ultimately led him to renounce his previous beliefs.

Now an outspoken advocate against neo-Nazism, Meeink is working towards turning his life story into a movie. The film aims to spread a message of love and acceptance, emphasizing the power of redemption and transformation. Through his journey from hate to acceptance, Meeink hopes to inspire others to seek understanding and compassion in the face of extremism and bigotry.

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