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Emily Goldberg, Avicii’s ex-girlfriend, passed away at age 34 due to a pulmonary embolism in La Jolla, California. She had battled cancer in the past year and shared her remission on Instagram in her final post. Goldberg is survived by her parents Julie and Sam, as well as her brother Aaron. It is unclear how Goldberg and Avicii began dating, but they bonded over their shared love of EDM, with Goldberg working at the Wynn Encore Hotel specializing in event planning and social media marketing. Avicii, who retired from the music industry in 2016, tragically died by suicide in April 2018 at the age of 28.

After Avicii’s passing, Goldberg shared a tribute to him on Instagram, expressing her regret and sadness over his death. She shared lyrics from a song he wrote for her and described him as her closest confidante and best friend during their two-year relationship. At Avicii’s funeral two months later, his family thanked fans for their support and described him as a sensitive artist searching for answers to existential questions. They acknowledged his struggles with the music industry and the spotlight, emphasizing his love for his fans and his desire to find peace. Avicii’s family expressed their love for him and their sadness at his passing.

Goldberg’s death from a pulmonary embolism adds to the tragic losses experienced by those who knew and loved Avicii. The music world was shocked by his suicide in 2018, and Goldberg’s passing further highlights the impact of his death on those who were close to him. The circumstances surrounding both deaths shed light on the mental health struggles that individuals in the music industry can face, as well as the importance of supporting and caring for those who are going through difficult times. The tributes and statements made by Goldberg and Avicii’s family offer a glimpse into the personal lives and struggles of these individuals, showcasing the human side behind the music and fame.

The connection between Goldberg and Avicii was based on their shared passion for EDM and their time spent together during Avicii’s residency at the Wynn Encore Hotel. Their relationship was meaningful to Goldberg, as evidenced by her heartfelt tribute to him after his passing. Avicii’s family’s statement after his funeral reflects the complexity of his character and the challenges he faced in the music industry. Both Goldberg and Avicii experienced personal struggles and sought peace in their own ways, leaving behind a legacy that includes their shared love of music and their impact on those around them. The memories and tributes to both individuals serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing the moments we have with loved ones.

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