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Residents living near Forest Hills Stadium in Queens are dealing with cracked walls and constant vibrations from the loud music played during summer concerts. Approximately 700 homeowners are demanding that the venue take steps to reduce the noise levels. Photos and videos show the impact of the vibrations on homes, including shaking doors and plants, as well as large cracks in walls that residents believe have resulted from the concerts.

The 13,000-seat venue kicked off its concert season with a show featuring rock bands Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, and Primus, which reportedly had loud music that led to a 311 complaint. A preliminary injunction was issued last month in response to a lawsuit filed by the Forest Hills Gardens Corp. against the West Side Tennis Club, the operator of the stadium. The judge ordered the stadium to cap excessive noise levels, hire an independent contractor to monitor noise, and put up barricades to prevent concertgoers from wandering into the residential neighborhood.

Community groups such as Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills are calling on elected officials to take action and impose reasonable restrictions on the concerts held at the venue. According to residents, the number of concerts per year has almost tripled from the original estimates of 10 to 15 events. Sound checks often start the day before a show and some festivals last all day, further disrupting the neighborhood. State Sen. Joe Addabbo has also raised concerns about issues such as parking, trash, traffic, and compliance with the 10 p.m. cutoff time and city noise code.

The Forest Hills Stadium, which opened in 1923 and was originally the home of the US Open, has been adapted for concerts over the years. Despite efforts from residents and community groups to address the noise and disruption caused by the concerts, the stadium has not responded to inquiries from media outlets. Homeowners in the area are hoping that their concerns will lead to concrete actions from both the stadium operators and elected officials to mitigate the impact of the concerts on their daily lives and properties.

Residents have documented the impact of the concerts on their homes, including cracked walls and vibrations from the loud music. Concerned Citizens of Forest Hills and other community groups are demanding that the stadium operators and elected officials take action to reduce the noise levels and disruptions caused by the concerts. State Sen. Joe Addabbo has also called for measures to address issues such as parking, trash, traffic, and compliance with noise regulations.

As the concert season at Forest Hills Stadium gets underway, residents are expressing their frustration with the continuous disruptions caused by the loud music and vibrations from the shows. The increased number of concerts per year and the lack of response from the stadium operators have prompted residents to demand action from elected officials to address the issue. Despite concerns raised by community groups and residents, the stadium has not provided any response to inquiries about their plans to address the noise concerns.

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