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Former President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party out-raised President Biden and the Democrats in April, raising $76.2 million compared to Biden’s $51 million. However, Biden still maintains a cash advantage with $84.5 million on hand compared to Trump’s $48 million. Trump’s ability to collect large checks with the Republican National Committee has helped close the fundraising gap, as he can now collect checks of more than $800,000 per donor.

Despite Trump’s fundraising success, polls show him leading in many battleground states, but Democrats still hold a significant cash advantage largely due to earlier joint fundraising efforts between Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The Biden campaign invested in a number of offices across battleground states, as well as an early advertising campaign, contributing to their flat cash on hand month over month.

Trump continues to spend millions on legal bills, with expenses reaching $3.3 million in April. Some details regarding the flow of money between the various allied committees remain unclear from the filings. Trump’s campaign and party saw a busy fundraising month in April, with a reported $50 million raised at a private dinner in Florida. In contrast, April was a slower fundraising month for Biden after a busy March marked by high-profile events.

Biden’s campaign manager emphasized the grassroots enthusiasm behind their fundraising efforts, contrasting with what she deemed as Trump’s lack of interest in connecting with voters. Trump’s campaign appealed to supporters for more donations, citing worries about failing to match previous fundraising levels. Despite Trump’s legal battles, his campaign managed to raise $76.2 million in April, with significant contributions from a variety of sources.

The Republican National Committee raised $32 million in April, ending the month with nearly $39 million on hand. Trump’s Save America committee, used for legal fees, saw a significant $6 million transfer from his joint fundraising committee, marking the largest transfer of the cycle thus far. Biden’s campaign spent slightly less in April compared to March, while independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign, backed by a super PAC, raised $10.7 million in April, largely due to contributions from his running mate.

Kennedy’s campaign has maintained steady traditional fundraising numbers while ramping up expenses to achieve ballot access in all 50 states. Biden’s campaign spent $25.2 million in April, and Trump’s main joint fundraising committee has sent a total of $14 million to his Save America committee, which covers his legal fees. Overall, the funding landscape remains dynamic, with both parties and candidates mobilizing resources for the upcoming election cycle.

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