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A large alligator was found on the MacDill Air Force base in Florida twice, prompting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers to relocate the gator to a sanctuary. The 12-foot, 4-inch gator first appeared in late April, seeking shelter beneath an airplane’s wheels on the base. After being released into Hillsborough River, the alligator returned to the base within three weeks, this time drying out on the sidewalk near the camp’s Med Group.

The military branch humorously posted about the alligator’s return, dubbing it “Airman Ally Gator” and joking that it would be in charge of MacDill’s complaint department. The alligator was recaptured and sent to Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures in Palmdale, about 155 miles away. The facility renamed the alligator “MacDill” in honor of its origins at the Air Force base. The gator was placed in breeding and exhibit ponds at the sanctuary, though its participation in alligator shows is uncertain.

Alligator courtship typically begins in early April, with mating occurring in May or June. Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures marveled at the alligator’s size, calling it beautiful and expressing a desire to preserve such large and old alligators instead of killing them. The sanctuary aims to provide a safe and suitable environment for the gators, allowing them to thrive and potentially share stories through their survival.

The Air Force reported that the alligator had already made friends in its new home, suggesting that the gator had adapted well to the sanctuary. The FWC officers were observed safeguarding the alligator during its relocation, using ropes to control the animal’s body, tail, and mouth. The process of transporting the large alligator from the air base to the sanctuary was carefully executed to ensure the safety of both the gator and the officers involved.

The humorous post by the military branch about the alligator’s activities at the base showcased a light-hearted approach to the situation, engaging with social media followers about the gator’s antics. The gator’s adventures at the MacDill Air Force base generated interest and amusement among those following the story online, with many expressing curiosity about the alligator’s behavior and ultimate relocation. The decision to bring the alligator to a sanctuary was met with approval from the public, who appreciated the efforts to protect and care for the animal.

Overall, the story of the alligator’s presence at MacDill Air Force base, its humorous interactions with military personnel, and its relocation to a sanctuary highlighted the importance of respecting wildlife and providing appropriate habitats for animals to thrive. The unique situation of a large alligator making its way onto a military base captured the attention of many, showcasing the need for coexistence and conservation efforts to ensure the well-being of both humans and wildlife in shared environments.

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