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Looking to spend a workation in the iconic city of Paris? Consider these quirky coworking spaces that offer a unique experience while allowing you to stay productive. Entrepreneur and influencer Paul Barboosa has compiled a map of the best coworking spaces in Paris, ranging from Japanese zen-inspired spots to climbing cafes and rooftop pools. These spaces have been tested for connection and comfort to ensure you have a great nomadic working experience in the City of Light.

If you thrive in minimalist surroundings and silence, Hinoki offers a taste of Japan just a short walk away from key train stations in Paris. With space for only eight people at a time, you can enjoy moments of meditation or zen-inducing naps in between work sessions. For a change of scenery, explore the trendy Quai de Valmy neighborhood, which offers a variety of boutiques and cafes for a break from work. The closest Métro station to Hinoki is Cadet on Line 7, making it easily accessible for remote workers.

For those who prefer active breaks from their laptop, Climbing District provides a unique coworking experience across five sites in Paris. Co-founder Henri d’Anterroches highlights the benefits of climbing as a sport that fosters focus and perseverance, refreshing the mind and enhancing thinking. After a day of work and climbing, explore the Batignolles neighborhood known for its boutiques, bistros, and baristas. Jump on an RER train to Avenue Foch to visit the 99 Cameras Museum for a retro dive into iconic devices from the 20th century.

Annette K, a moored boat in Port de Javel Bas on the Seine, offers an unconventional coworking space with a rooftop pool for a refreshing dip between meetings. While not an official coworking space, visitors can enjoy a productive work session before joining locals in the evening for musical events. Head towards the Eiffel Tower to visit the pop-up Paris 24 Olympic Games exhibition Spot24, focusing on the Games’ newest disciplines for a unique cultural experience. The closest Métro station to Annette K is Javel André Citroën on Line 10.

Maison Mère, located in a hip hotel in the 9th arrondissement, offers a small but cozy coworking space perfect for big ideas. The lounge-study room is elegantly curated with comfortable furniture, making it an ideal spot for hotel guests and freelancers alike. Explore the Montmartre neighborhood with its cobbled streets, squares, and cafe terraces for a taste of Parisian village life. Don’t miss the Sacré Coeur basilica for stunning cityscape views. The closest Métro station to Maison Mère is Poissonnière on Line 7, making it convenient for visitors.

For a more traditional coworking experience, Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris offers a pocket-friendly option with grandeur. The Oval Room features colorful furniture and free open access, providing a light-filled space for remote work. Check occupancy in real-time on the Affluences app to avoid busy periods and combine your visit with a stroll in Palais Royale’s French-style fountain garden. Explore nearby attractions such as the Louvre, Samaritaine department store, Shakespeare and Company bookstore, or the Serge Gainsbourg house for a cultural immersion in Paris. The closest Métro station to Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris is Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre on Lines 1 and 7.

To plan your workation in Paris, remember to carry ID for registration at workspaces, pack self-charging devices for busy periods, and check opening times of coworking spaces. Supporting independent businesses by purchasing drinks and snacks is also recommended. Sign up to receive Paul Barbosa’s locator map for more coworking space recommendations and consider purchasing a sightseeing City Pass from for a comprehensive Parisian experience.

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