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The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is known for not only its music lineup but also for the unique and stylish fashion that festival-goers bring to the Empire Polo Club in Indio. In 2023, metallics, fringe, and bright colors were some of the standout trends on the polo field. Live coverage from Coachella 2024 showcased even more stylish and creative looks from attendees, as well as musicians who also put effort into their festival fashion. Tyler, the Creator, a headliner on Saturday night, is not only known for his music but also for his multiple fashion brands.

Some of the standout festival fashion from Coachella 2024 included Becca Quimbar from Palm Springs rocking a custom tube top, floral bell-bottoms, and a handcrafted hat she made herself. Zurie Joseph from Riverside impressed in an aqua ensemble, with her flowy skirt being a favorite element of her outfit. Kirby Johnson from Santa Monica donned a sequined seashell dress, while Brenda Ramirez from Chula Vista shone in a cow print ensemble. Bobby Nguyen from St. Louis showcased a fringe bandana, which he described as a classy old-school Coachella-meets-Western vibe, and Jake Gonzales from Los Angeles wore a Southern-inspired zebra print ensemble with chaps as his favorite element.

Another group from San Diego described their look as “fairy-core,” showcasing their unique and whimsical fashion at Coachella. Aquaria posed for a portrait wearing oversized items and reviving older pieces in her outfit, while Deb Akin expressed her desire to feel free in her queer identity through her fashion, donning a skirt and hat by clothing designer Eda Birthing. Akin mentioned planning a clown outfit for the following day, showcasing her love for dressing up and expressing herself through fashion. Overall, the festival fashion at Coachella 2024 was diverse, creative, and displayed a wide range of styles and influences.

To catch up on what happened at Coachella, fans could follow the live coverage from the event and stay updated on the latest stories in Hollywood, culture, and entertainment by signing up for L.A. Times entertainment alerts. The festival continues to be a platform for music lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike to express themselves and showcase their unique style. Coachella not only brings together a diverse range of musical talent but also serves as a place for creativity and self-expression through fashion, making it a unique and exciting experience for attendees each year.

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