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Many people are experiencing dissatisfaction and burnout in their jobs, with productivity on the decline and mental health being negatively affected. In response to this, Elise Wells from Planet Poetica suggests looking at astrology for guidance on the path we should be walking to align with our true calling. By understanding the North Node and the tenth house in our birth chart, we can gain insights into what our souls truly desire in this lifetime, beyond just career and financial stability.

The North Node and South Node are points in the birth chart that offer clues about our karmic past and our soul’s mission in this lifetime. The North Node represents the work we are meant to do in this reality, while the South Node reflects past life patterns. Identifying your North Node in your chart involves locating the horseshoe symbols that represent the nodes. Understanding and honoring the North Node can lead to growth and fulfillment, although it may require stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

The tenth house in astrology represents our highest aspirations and visibility in the world. When combined with the lunar nodes, the tenth house can provide insight into our true purpose and the culmination of our efforts on the external stage. By exploring the traits associated with the signs in which the North Node resides, individuals can gain guidance on their unique life path and the types of careers or activities that may best support their soul’s journey.

The North Node in different zodiac signs offers specific guidance on how to align with our true purpose. For instance, North Node in Aries suggests embracing individuality and discipline, while North Node in Taurus emphasizes self-expression and connection to the earth. Each sign offers a unique set of qualities to embody and lessons to learn in order to fulfill our destiny. By understanding and following the guidance of the North Node, individuals can live more authentically and harmoniously with their true selves.

For those with North Node in Scorpio, the focus is on trust, change, and embracing a full range of emotions. This archetype is meant to lead individuals toward transformative experiences and deeper connections. Similarly, North Node in Capricorn encourages building something valuable and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Each sign offers a distinct path to fulfillment, and by following the guidance of the North Node, individuals can find meaning and purpose in their lives.

In conclusion, astrology offers a unique and insightful perspective on our life path and purpose. By exploring the North Node and the signs in which it resides, individuals can gain valuable guidance on how to align with their true calling and fulfill their destiny. Understanding the role of the lunar nodes and the tenth house in the birth chart can provide clarity and direction in navigating life’s challenges and opportunities. Through astrology, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our unique place in the universe, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and authentic way of being.

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