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The Homestretch is a weekday update released by the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, providing members with actionable information just in time for the last hour of trading on Wall Street. Recently, the market moved further into negative territory after minutes from the Federal Reserve’s meeting raised concerns about inflation. However, it’s important to note that the Fed minutes were from a meeting held prior to the release of a cooler-than-expected April consumer price index. One standout stock on Wednesday was off-price retailer TJX, which saw a solid quarter and received a Club price target boost.

Investors are waiting to see how volatility may change after Nvidia’s fiscal 2025 first-quarter earnings report and outlook are released. Nvidia made headlines a year ago with an impressive quarterly revenue forecast, causing shares to soar. The artificial intelligence/data center theme remains strong, with Nvidia at the forefront. In terms of sector dynamics, health care was the only sector holding onto gains, led by a surge in Moderna shares. While tech was lower, solar stocks like First Solar and Enphase Energy were soaring along with Nextracker, a smaller name not in the S&P 500, after strong results last week.

Starbucks has seen a quiet recovery over the past three weeks, clawing back losses from a dismal quarter and significant guidance cut earlier in May. If shares close above $80.50, it would represent a gain of about 7% in the past four sessions. The Club stock’s recent action leads to speculation about a potential big buyer in the market. Nvidia remains the main event of the week, reporting after Wednesday’s closing bell, along with other companies such as Snowflake, VF Corp, and Synopsys. Subscribers to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer receive trade alerts before Jim makes a trade, with specific waiting periods in place before executing the trade based on CNBC TV mentions and other factors.

The information provided by the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer is subject to their terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer, with no fiduciary obligation or duty created by receiving the information. No specific outcome or profit is guaranteed. The Homestretch provides members with timely updates on market movements, stock standouts, and potential opportunities. With a focus on actionable information for the last hour of trading on Wall Street, members can stay informed about key developments that may impact their investment decisions. From Fed minutes and sector dynamics to individual stock performance and upcoming earnings reports, the Homestretch offers valuable insights for investors looking to navigate the markets effectively.

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