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In the community of Lizon in northern Port-au-Prince, a U.S. missionary couple and a Haitian man who worked with them were tragically shot and killed by gang members. The couple, Davy and Natalie Lloyd, were both young, with Davy being 23 years old and Natalie just 21. They were returning from a youth group activity at a local church when they were attacked. The third victim, Jude Montis, had worked with the Lloyds for 20 years and left behind two young children. The incident occurred as authorities in Haiti await the arrival of a Kenyan police force to help combat gang violence.

Hannah Cornett, Davy Lloyd’s sister, described how the gang members attacked the victims, stealing their belongings and leaving Davy tied up. As people tried to help him, another group of armed gunmen arrived, leading to a violent confrontation that ended in tragedy. Cornett shared that her parents are full-time missionaries in Haiti and that she and her siblings grew up there. Their parents run an orphanage, school, and church, creating a close-knit community with the orphans they cared for.

The couple were part of the organization Missions In Haiti Inc., founded by Davy’s parents, David and Alicia Lloyd. Natalie, who had married Davy in June 2022, joined the missionary group in August of the same year. The Lloyds were known for their love and dedication to the people of Haiti, working on projects such as building a garden, raising animals, and assisting with humanitarian efforts. Their tragic deaths have left their loved ones in shock and mourning, with their bodies being safely transported to the U.S. Embassy.

The security situation in Haiti has deteriorated, with violent gangs controlling much of Port-au-Prince and carrying out attacks on key government infrastructure. Gang leaders such as Chyen Mechan and General Jeff are responsible for the violence in the area where the couple was killed. These gangs, part of a coalition known as Viv Ansanm, have engaged in large-scale attacks and caused widespread chaos and displacement. The violence in Haiti has also led to a significant increase in kidnappings, including targeting U.S. missionaries.

The U.S. Department of State has issued a “do not travel” advisory for Haiti and continues to urge U.S. citizens to leave the country as soon as possible due to the escalating security risks. The tragic deaths of Davy and Natalie Lloyd, along with Jude Montis, highlight the urgent need for international support to help stabilize the situation in Haiti. The couple’s dedication to their humanitarian work and the impact they had on the community serve as a reminder of the risks faced by those who choose to serve in challenging environments.

As the community mourns the loss of the missionaries, there is a call for their legacy to inspire positive change and for their deaths not to be in vain. The families and loved ones of the victims are experiencing unimaginable grief, and the international community, including the U.S. government, is committed to supporting efforts to address the security challenges in Haiti. Despite the tragedy, the memory of Davy and Natalie Lloyd will live on through the impact they had on the lives of those they served and the legacy of compassion and dedication they leave behind.

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