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An 80-year-old woman, Julie Lenkoff, suffering from a stroke and possible heart attack, was “medically disembarked” by Norwegian Cruise Line on an African island and left to die, according to her family. Lenkoff’s emergency contacts were never called, and the family was only contacted between Wednesday and Monday without providing any answers. On March 29, six Americans and two Australian passengers were stranded on the same African island of São Tomé by Norwegian Cruise Line after their tour ran late, with the ship’s captain refusing to let them board. Jay and Jill Campbell, a South Carolina couple among the stranded group, were praised as “heroes” for taking care of Lenkoff, paying for her medical bills, food, and a hotel, and connecting her with her family.

Despite the cruise line leaving Lenkoff behind, the Campbells, the other stranded passengers, and Lenkoff’s family worked together to arrange for her safe return to the U.S. Following a 30-hour flight from São Tomé to Lisbon, Portugal, to Toronto to Stanford Hospital in California, with no assurance of her survival, Lenkoff managed to make it home and was admitted into the hospital’s care. Having visited 120 countries and able to speak 10 languages, Lenkoff resorted to French while on the African island’s medical facility, where she was misunderstood and not recognized as an American. Lenkoff’s family was thankful for the help they received from the Campbells and the other stranded passengers in ensuring her safe return.

Lenkoff’s daughter expressed gratitude for the help her mother received and revealed the lack of communication and care from Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise line’s response was delayed, offering a generic statement about an 80-year-old woman being medically disembarked without acknowledging the specific circumstances of Lenkoff’s situation. The cruise line claimed to have contacted the guest several times and assisted her in returning to the United States after receiving care in Lisbon, Portugal. Lenkoff’s daughter shared details about her mother’s condition and the lack of support from the cruise line, highlighting the assistance received from the Campbells and the positive outcome of her mother’s return and recovery.

The delayed response and lack of acknowledgment from Norwegian Cruise Line angered Lenkoff’s family, who felt let down by the company’s handling of the situation. The company’s statement focused on the responsibility of guests to return to the ship on time and failed to address the specific circumstances surrounding Lenkoff’s medical emergency. Lenkoff’s family and the Campbells were commended for their compassionate actions in ensuring Lenkoff’s safety and return home. Despite the challenges faced during the ordeal, Lenkoff’s family expressed relief and gratitude for the care and support provided by the Campbells and the other stranded passengers.

Lenkoff’s family was relieved when she safely returned to the U.S. and was admitted to the hospital for further treatment. The family expressed gratitude for the support received from the Campbells and the other stranded passengers in assisting Lenkoff during her medical emergency on the African island. Norwegian Cruise Line’s lack of timely and appropriate response to the situation was criticized, with the focus being on the care and compassion demonstrated by the Campbells and other passengers in ensuring Lenkoff’s well-being. Lenkoff’s family expressed their thanks for the help received and the positive outcome of her return and ongoing recovery back in the U.S.

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