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The Federal Aviation Administration is conducting a safety review of United Airlines after a series of incidents involving Boeing jets. This review will involve examining work processes, manuals, and facilities to ensure safety compliance. In one incident, a Boeing 737-800 landed in Medford, Oregon, with a missing external panel. Other recent mishaps include another Boeing plane spewing flames from an engine, sliding off the runway, losing a wheel during takeoff, and trailing hydraulic fluid. The airline is reevaluating its safety protocols in response to these events.

The FAA’s safety assurance system regularly monitors airlines to ensure compliance with regulations, hazard identification, risk assessment, and overall safety management. Boeing, as the manufacturer of the majority of United Airlines’ jets, is also facing scrutiny following dramatic incidents involving its planes. One notable incident involved an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 losing a door plug mid-flight, resulting in a hole in the side of the plane. Another incident occurred with a LATAM Airlines flight plunging suddenly mid-air, causing passenger injuries. Boeing is investigating these incidents, with initial reports suggesting issues with missing bolts and cockpit incidents.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby has expressed interest in potentially purchasing more jets from Airbus, Boeing’s European competitor, in response to the recent incidents. The focus on safety in the aviation industry is paramount, with both airlines and manufacturers under increased scrutiny following a series of safety-related events. The FAA’s review of United Airlines’ operations aims to address any potential safety concerns and drive compliance with safety regulations. Boeing is also working to investigate and address any issues with its planes that may have contributed to recent incidents. Airlines are reevaluating their safety processes to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew members during flights.

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