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As artists, Peck and Nguyen both use their work to shed light on political and social issues, challenging the status quo and unsettling audiences with their perspectives. Peck’s examination of violence and inequality, as seen in his documentaries I Am Not Your Negro and Exterminate All the Brutes, delves deep into the roots of these issues and shines a light on the injustices that persist in society today. Meanwhile, Nguyen’s exploration of his own refugee journey and the effects of US wars abroad in his writing reflects a personal and powerful perspective on the consequences of global conflicts.

Both Peck and Nguyen have used their art to confront difficult truths and provoke thought in their audiences. Peck’s focus on racism in the United States and the impact of colonialism and genocide in Exterminate All the Brutes challenges viewers to confront the dark legacy of these histories. Similarly, Nguyen’s investigations into memory, politics, and war in his novels and non-fiction work push readers to consider the complexities of these issues and the ways in which they shape our world today.

In their conversation, Peck and Nguyen discuss their own political coming of age and the ways in which their personal experiences have influenced their art. They also touch on the significance of Gaza as a symbol of the larger global struggles for justice and equality, highlighting the interconnectedness of social and political issues across borders. By engaging with these difficult and often overlooked topics, both artists aim to provoke reflection and dialogue, challenging audiences to reconsider their own perspectives and assumptions.

Peck and Nguyen’s commitment to using their art as a tool for political change is evident in their work, which often confronts uncomfortable truths and challenges audiences to think critically about the world around them. By addressing issues of racism, colonialism, and war in their respective mediums, they seek to provoke discussion and action, encouraging viewers and readers to confront the realities of injustice and inequality. Through their art, they hope to inspire change and create a more informed and equitable society.

Overall, Peck and Nguyen’s conversation highlights the power of art to challenge and unsettle audiences, pushing them to confront difficult truths and engage with complex social and political issues. By sharing their own perspectives and experiences, they offer a unique and personal insight into the struggles for justice and equality that persist in today’s world. Through their work, they aim to provoke thought, spark dialogue, and ultimately inspire action towards a more just and equitable society.

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