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As the general election approaches, the White House is dismissing viral videos on social media that suggest President Biden is experiencing a decline in mental acuity. Conservative critics argue that the videos are concerning and that the White House’s response is part of an effort to pressure social media platforms to take action against them. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates dismisses the critics as spreading debunked lies and highlights Biden’s political agenda, urging focus on the president’s efforts to cut taxes and reduce crime rates.

Videos circulating on the internet have shown Biden appearing confused at various events, such as turning away from world leaders at an event in France, being uncertain of when to sit down, and being led off stage by former President Obama. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has labeled these videos as “cheap fakes,” which are defined as altered media that does not require advanced technology. Critics argue that this term is being used as part of an election strategy to push social media companies to take action against such videos.

As the term “cheap fake” gains traction, some, like Heritage Foundation tech researcher Jake Denton, see it as part of election slogans and buzzwords aimed at pressuring social media companies to take down videos that portray Biden negatively. Denton believes that the goal is to plant seeds of doubt regarding the authenticity of the videos and pressure social media platforms to remove them. He also criticizes so-called “misinformation experts” as failed academics who have found a new home in online fact-check organizations and media outlets.

Denton argues that the administration is attempting to “gaslight” the public into doubting the authenticity of the videos by using terms like “cheap fake.” Despite the White House’s dismissal of concerns about Biden’s mental acuity, critics believe that the videos accurately reflect his current cognitive ability and should be assessed objectively. Denton encourages people to reject the administration’s attempts to control the narrative and come to their own conclusions based on the evidence presented in the videos.

The debate over Biden’s mental acuity has intensified following a report from the Washington Journal, which suggested that lawmakers on Capitol Hill had concerns about the president’s cognitive abilities in private meetings. The White House has dismissed these claims, but they have sparked further discussion about Biden’s mental state. Critics argue that the videos circulating on social media are reflective of these concerns and should be taken seriously, regardless of attempts to discredit them as “cheap fakes.” The public is urged to evaluate the content of the videos independently and draw their own conclusions about the president’s mental acuity.

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