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Polygon Labs has recently announced a strategic shift to focus on building zero-knowledge (ZK) technology solutions. The company has expanded the role of co-founder and executive chairman Sandeep Nailwal to chief business officer (CBO) in order to accelerate adoption of the Agglayer platform and Polygon’s innovative ZK solutions in various verticals such as DeFi, gaming, dePIN, AI, and NFTs. Nailwal has spent the past 18 months working on transitioning Polygon into a fully-fledged ZK protocol, and with most of these transitions complete, he is now refocusing on his new role as CBO.

Polygon is a multichain Ethereum layer-2 (L2) solution that aims to make Ethereum-based transactions faster and more private. One of its chains, Polygon zkEVM, is a “rollup” that batches transactions together before settling them to Ethereum’s base layer in a decentralized manner. Nailwal will be focusing his efforts on Polygon CDK, a software development kit for building alternative Ethereum L2s, and on building tools related to ZK proofs, which allow one party to prove knowledge of a specific value to others without revealing the value itself. His role as executive chairman will also continue, as he works on building Agglayer, a decentralized network that connects chains for shared state and liquidity.

In March, Ethereum’s base layer underwent the Dencun upgrade, which allowed rollup chains like Polygon zkEVM, Arbitrum, and Optimism to lower transaction fees by 90%. In early May, Polygon launched the alpha version testnet for Polygon Miden, its latest ZK rollup solution, which allows client-side proving and increased privacy. The governance token MATIC, associated with Polygon, is currently the 18th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. However, its value has significantly decreased since mid-March, from $1.27 to $0.72 today.

The decision to focus on ZK technology solutions comes as part of Polygon Labs’ efforts to stay at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. By expanding Nailwal’s role to CBO, the company aims to further accelerate the adoption of its ZK solutions across various industries. As the demand for faster and more private transactions on the Ethereum network continues to grow, Polygon’s focus on building ZK technology solutions is critical to meet the evolving needs of its users.

Nailwal’s expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, combined with his strategic vision for Polygon, positions him well to drive the company’s growth and success in the development of ZK technology solutions. With the recent launch of Polygon Miden and the ongoing developments in ZK proofs and the Agglayer platform, Polygon Labs is poised to make significant advancements in the integration of ZK technology into its ecosystem. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Polygon’s commitment to innovation and strategic focus on ZK technology solutions will be key to its long-term success and growth in the industry.

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