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Erin Lichy, a native New Yorker and star of Real Housewives of New York City, has connections to several famous city dwellers. Meryl Streep’s brother was her high school principal and her mom was best friends with Scarlett Johansson’s mom in Queens. Lichy, who will be returning for season 15 of RHONY, is a fan of NYC bodegas and enjoys ordering sandwiches with banana peppers and Russian dressing. She also has a unique coffee order and once ate guinea pig in Peru.

Lichy has a variety of interests and talents, including collecting Absolut Vodka ads and matchbooks. She played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in eighth grade, speaks Hebrew and Spanish fluently, and studied sustainable real estate development at NYU. Lichy has a dream of opening a chic mezcal bar and uses apps like Evernote to stay organized. She is a firm believer in manifesting and loves reading about the Law of Attraction.

A lover of vintage items, Lichy has a passion for designer goods and a melomaniac with Sonos speakers in every room. She enjoys True Botanicals products, watches Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm on repeat, and always has her favorite beauty products on hand. Lichy’s supermom specialty is making healthy meals for her three kids in under 40 minutes, including a trip to Whole Foods. She also enjoys going to Target with her kids.

One of Lichy’s favorite ways to relax is by taking a bath and sipping on a cocktail called the Maximilian Affair. She shared a humorous anecdote about dropping her sunglasses in a fountain on her first day of filming RHONY. Despite others thinking she’s crazy, Lichy enjoys driving in NYC. Her love for the city and its unique offerings, such as corner delis and bodegas, is evident in her favorite foods and activities. Her diverse background and experiences add depth to her character on RHONY.

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