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At 60 years old, Lisa Rinna is not shy about sharing her wellness secrets. She has been consistent with her fitness routine since she was 16, starting with Jazzercise and incorporating yoga, dancing, hikes, spinning, and Pilates into her workouts. Rinna works out five days a week, believing in the philosophy of everything in moderation when it comes to diet. She has maintained this principle for four decades and continues to prioritize her physical health.

During the filming of the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in October 2018, Rinna turned to yoga as a way to decompress. She had been practicing yoga for 26 years at that point and credits it with keeping her grounded and maintaining her physical and mental well-being. Rinna has also been open about her use of cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, but has since admitted to overdoing it after receiving criticism for an “unnatural” look. Aesthetic physician assistant Nicole Smith cautioned viewers about the consequences of excessive cosmetic procedures and emphasized the importance of maintaining a natural and youthful appearance.

Smith highlighted the issue of “too much filler” in Rinna’s cheeks and mid-face, noting that it threw off the balance of her facial features. She advised that good injections should enhance a person’s appearance without being overly noticeable. Rinna agreed with Smith’s assessment in the comments section, revealing that the specific injection she had received, called Skinvive, was not suitable for her and had to be dissolved. Despite this hiccup, Rinna remains committed to taking care of herself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rinna’s dedication to her physical health and fitness routine has been a constant throughout her life. She continues to prioritize working out five days a week and incorporating a variety of exercises such as yoga, dancing, hiking, spinning, and Pilates. Rinna believes in the importance of moderation when it comes to diet, a principle she has upheld for over four decades. Through her openness about her wellness journey and her willingness to share her experiences with cosmetic treatments, Rinna inspires others to prioritize self-care and make informed choices about their health and well-being.

In addition to her fitness and wellness practices, Rinna is known for her candid and honest approach to discussing her experiences with cosmetic treatments. She has been transparent about the challenges she faced with excessive dermal fillers and the importance of maintaining a natural appearance. By sharing her journey and learnings with her audience, Rinna promotes a message of self-acceptance, health, and well-being. With her commitment to physical health, mental well-being, and authenticity, Rinna continues to inspire others to prioritize self-care, embrace their unique beauty, and make informed choices about their health and appearance.

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