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Jasmine Ellis Cooper and her husband Silas Cooper have a strong marriage after going through a challenging first season on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. The couple, who have been married since June 2022, worked on their relationship and are in a good place now. Despite Silas being deployed with the U.S. Army overseas, they have maintained a strong connection through regular communication via WhatsApp, FaceTime, and text messages. Jasmine also gave birth to their son, Silas “Si” Geplay Cooper Jr., in February while Silas was away, which was difficult for both of them – Silas missed out on major milestones, and Jasmine had to rely on her support system to capture as much as possible for him to see.

Jasmine acknowledges the challenges of being apart from Silas, especially as he misses seeing their son grow and change every day. She hopes Silas will be back home by the summer and jokes that he better be home by then. Silas’s absence was felt during the filming of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard season 2, as he was unable to participate due to his deployment. However, Jasmine found support and fun with her friends on the show, reminding them that she is still there regardless of Silas’s absence. Despite missing Silas, Jasmine enjoyed herself and her friend Bria noted that she was even more fun and lively during the season.

Reflecting on their experience and growth, Jasmine and Silas have learned to prioritize their relationship and rediscover their love for each other. Going through the challenges of a long-distance marriage has only strengthened their bond, with Jasmine describing Silas as her best friend. She is grateful for the opportunity to work on their issues and come out stronger on the other side. As the only married couple on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard season 1, they had to face their conflicts head-on without being able to hide anything from the cameras, leading them to reevaluate their relationship and commit to making it work.

Despite the difficulties of managing a long-distance marriage, Jasmine and Silas have found ways to stay connected and support each other while apart. Silas’s deployment has made it challenging for both of them to navigate milestones like the birth of their first child, but they have relied on technology and a strong support network to stay connected. While Jasmine can count on her family and friends for help, she knows that it is hard for Silas to miss out on these moments and is looking forward to his return. Their experience on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has allowed them to grow individually and as a couple, and they are now in a good place as they eagerly anticipate Silas’s homecoming.

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