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Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are set to host an exclusive fundraising dinner for President Biden in Virginia next month, with the event being organized by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. This fundraiser comes shortly after another event in Los Angeles featuring President Barack Obama, Biden, and Clinton, hosted by actor George Clooney. The multi-president fundraising approach has proven successful in the past, with Biden out-raising former President Trump in the 2024 cycle. A similar fundraising program in New York generated $26 million in a single night.

Despite Biden’s success in fundraising, he faces pressure to maintain his lead as Trump’s campaign received $76 million in donations in April, compared to Biden’s $51 million. In March, Biden and the DNC brought in around $90 million, outpacing Trump, who collected $65.6 million with the RNC. However, Biden still holds more cash on hand, with his campaign and related committees having $192 million. Trump’s April fundraising was boosted by a $50.5 million event that took place at the Palm Beach, Florida home of billionaire investor John Paulson.

The Biden campaign has emphasized its focus on small-dollar donations, stating that the majority of April’s donations came from grassroots donors, and they added one million more supporters to their email list in that month alone. They criticized Trump for primarily targeting billionaire donors and maxing out early in the election cycle instead of building a sustainable grassroots fundraising program. In contrast, Trump’s campaign senior advisers highlighted their success in raising funds from small-dollar donors, with half of their funds coming from this group, indicating a strong level of support from their base.

The fundraiser events featuring prominent Democratic figures like the Clintons, Obama, and George Clooney aim to boost President Biden’s fundraising efforts in preparation for the upcoming 2024 election. Trump’s impressive fundraising in April has raised concerns within the Biden camp, but they remain confident in their grassroots support and small-dollar donation strategy. Both campaigns are focused on securing the necessary resources for a successful election campaign, with Trump’s team highlighting their ability to energize their base and deliver a victory in the November elections. Despite the challenges posed by the fundraising competition, both Biden and Trump are dedicated to securing the necessary funding to support their campaigns and secure victory in the upcoming election.

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