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Allison Holker, who served as a judge on season 18 of So You Think You Can Dance, expressed feeling the presence of her late husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss. She described feeling his support and how she believes he protects her every day, putting wings on her back. Holker shared that returning to SYTYCD as a judge felt like a full circle moment for her, as the show has been a significant part of her life since she was 18 years old, providing her with love, opportunities, a career, friendships, and children. She felt that becoming a judge was another way for the show to reach out to her, especially during a time when she was hesitant to return to work.

Holker mentioned that being on the show felt like she was honoring Boss, who had previously served as a judge on seasons 15 and 17 of SYTYCD. She explained how seeing the other dancers and hearing people’s stories on the show made her feel like she was where she was supposed to be, both in honor of her personal journey and Boss’ journey. She believed that the show was the space she needed to be in and that Boss was with her every single day. Holker’s experience on season 18 of SYTYCD further solidified her connection to the show and her late husband.

After Anthony Curley was crowned the winner of season 18, Holker threw a finale party at Jax’s Studio City. She praised Curley, saying that her late husband, Boss, would have absolutely adored him. The party served as a celebration of the season’s conclusion and showcased exclusive photos from the event. Holker’s involvement in the season, both as a judge and as a host of the party, demonstrated her continued dedication to the show and its contestants. The positivity and love she shared were evident in her interactions with both the dancers and the audience.

The support Holker felt from her late husband, Boss, while working on season 18 of SYTYCD reflected the deep connection she felt to him. Her comments about feeling his presence and protection showed the impact Boss had on her life and career. By returning to the show and serving as a judge, Holker felt like she was honoring Boss and embracing the journey they shared together. The season 18 finale party she hosted was a way to celebrate the show’s contestants and share the joy of the competition’s conclusion with others. Holker’s presence on the show and her role as a judge highlighted her commitment to SYTYCD and her desire to continue her late husband’s legacy.

Overall, Allison Holker’s experience on season 18 of So You Think You Can Dance was marked by feelings of love, support, and connection to her late husband, Stephen “tWitch” Boss. She reflected on the impact the show had on her life and career, emphasizing the opportunities and relationships it had provided her over the years. Holker’s return as a judge felt like a natural progression in her journey, and she believed it was a way to honor both herself and Boss. The season 18 finale party she hosted was a celebration of the contestants’ hard work and talents, as well as a way to express her gratitude for the show that had been so significant in her life. Holker’s presence on SYTYCD showcased her resilience, strength, and dedication to her craft and to the memory of her late husband.

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