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Alicia Keys’ personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, shared that the singer loves a challenge when it comes to working out. Kaiser focuses on interval-based workouts with Keys to build endurance for her stage shows. The program includes intervals alternating between power and strength exercises, utilizing a Pilates box and workouts focused on full-body strength. Keys, who is described as advanced by Kaiser, is pushed to her max during workouts.

Kaiser incorporates upper and lower body workouts simultaneously with Keys. For example, Keys might do shoulder presses while also holding a curtsy lunge and incorporating a torso rotation with an extension of the shoulder press. The goal is to create balance and challenge for both the brain and body. Kaiser emphasizes lateral movement and working across the midline to involve all planes of motion during conditioning and strength exercises. This approach provides a full-body challenge for Keys.

Keys and Kaiser work out before shows to warm up Keys’ voice, focusing on cardio to prepare her for performing. This pre-show workout involves no speaking and helps Keys feel strong and ready for the stage. In addition to training A-list clients like Keys, Kaiser also offers workouts through Anna Kaiser Virtual Studios. This platform allows people to work out with a celebrity trainer, like Kaiser, from anywhere, with a weekly program of classes available for a monthly fee of $39.

Keys’ workout routine with Kaiser not only challenges her physically but also mentally and emotionally. Kaiser’s approach to full-body workouts that incorporate various exercises and movements helps Keys build endurance and strength for her demanding performances. By focusing on balance, transverse movements, and different planes of motion, Kaiser ensures that Keys receives a well-rounded workout that targets all areas of the body. With the addition of pre-show warm-ups to help Keys prepare for her onstage performances, Kaiser’s training program provides a comprehensive approach to fitness for the singer.

Kaiser’s emphasis on challenging all aspects of the body during workouts aligns with Keys’ desire to push her limits and feel strong during her performances. Whether it’s a combination of power and strength exercises, working out multiple body parts simultaneously, or focusing on lateral and transverse movements, Kaiser tailors the workouts to meet Keys’ needs and goals. By incorporating elements that challenge not only physical strength but also mental acuity, Kaiser provides Keys with a holistic workout experience that benefits her overall health and well-being. Through Kaiser’s expertise and personalized approach, Keys is able to achieve her fitness goals and maintain her high level of performance.

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