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The first look of Penn Badgley on the set of You season five has been revealed, showing his character Joe Goldberg returning to the streets of New York City where the first season took place. The fifth and final season of the show is currently in production, with Netflix sharing on-set snapshots of Badgley in character. He was dressed in black pants, shoes, and a structured coat over a deep-red henley, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. His hair was cut short, with a single curl hanging over his brow as he walked down a Manhattan sidewalk.

Fans of the show have been eagerly anticipating Joe’s return to the city where it all began, and Penn Badgley has already hinted at what viewers can expect from his character’s homecoming. Joe has previously been seen in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and London, but now he is back in New York. The series finale is sure to bring some closure to Joe’s story and provide answers to lingering questions about his mysterious and often alarming behavior. It is expected to be a thrilling conclusion to the popular show.

As the final season begins filming, fans are excited to see how Joe’s story will come to an end. The character has been at the center of the show’s dark and twisted narrative, with his obsessive and dangerous behavior captivating audiences since the first season. Penn Badgley’s portrayal of Joe has been praised for its complexity and nuance, with the actor bringing a sense of humanity to a character who often commits heinous acts in the name of love.

With production underway, more details about the final season of You are expected to be revealed in the coming months. Fans can look forward to seeing how Joe’s story will unfold as he returns to the familiar streets of New York City. The show has garnered a devoted following for its suspenseful storytelling and compelling characters, and the final season is sure to deliver a satisfying conclusion to Joe’s journey. As viewers prepare for the last chapter of the series, they can expect twists, turns, and surprises as Joe’s story reaches its ultimate resolution.

The first images of Penn Badgley back in character as Joe Goldberg have sparked excitement among fans of the show, with many eager to see how the story will wrap up. The final season of You promises to be a thrilling and suspenseful conclusion to the series, with Joe’s return to New York City setting the stage for a dramatic finale. As production continues, audiences can look forward to more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of what to expect from the show’s last season. The anticipation is high as viewers prepare to bid farewell to Joe Goldberg and the twisted world of You.

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