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Former Trump campaign official Katrina Pierson has emerged victorious in a tight primary runoff for Texas’ 33rd House District. Pierson, who served as the spokesperson for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, defeated incumbent state Rep. Justin Holland. She now looks set to become the representative for the deep-red district in the upcoming general election, as no Democratic candidate is in the race. Pierson had the support of Republican Texas Gov. Gregg Abott, who aimed to remove incumbent Republicans who did not align with his policy objectives.

Holland, who was elected in 2016, opposed legislation favored by Abbott that would have allowed parents to use public funds to send their children to private or religious schools. His decision to vote against the bill put him at odds with the governor and ultimately cost him his seat. In addition, Holland supported raising the minimum age to purchase assault-style rifles from 18 to 21 and voted in favor of impeaching Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Pierson, on the other hand, gained Paxton’s endorsement prior to the primary, and Abbott backed her going into the runoff.

With Pierson’s victory, Republicans now hold 86 out of the 150 seats in the Texas state House, giving them a majority of 11. The win represents a shift in the state’s political landscape, as Pierson’s alignment with Trump and Abbott signals a departure from more moderate Republicans like Holland. This shift reflects the changing dynamics within the party and the push towards a more conservative agenda in the state. Pierson’s win is seen as a reflection of the growing influence of the Trump wing of the party in Texas politics.

The outcome of the election highlights the importance of backing from key party figures, as Pierson’s endorsements from Paxton and Abbott played a significant role in her victory. The support of high-profile Republicans helped solidify her position as the frontrunner and secure her path to success in the general election. Pierson’s win also underscores the challenges faced by incumbent Republicans who do not align with the party’s current agenda, as evidenced by Holland’s defeat. The election serves as a reminder of the need for Republican candidates to adhere to the party’s priorities and maintain the support of influential figures within the party.

Moving forward, Pierson’s win sets the stage for her to represent the 33rd House District and advance the conservative agenda promoted by Trump and Abbott. Her victory reflects the growing influence of the Trump wing of the Republican Party and signals a shift towards a more conservative direction in Texas politics. As Pierson prepares to take office, her alignment with key party figures and commitment to advancing conservative policies will likely make her a prominent figure in the state’s political landscape. The election outcome underscores the importance of party unity and adherence to party priorities in securing electoral success in a deeply red state like Texas.

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