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Trent Gillespie, a former executive at Amazon, co-founded Stellis AI, a startup that offers expert AI advisory services to non-tech organizations. He found that many non-tech companies are aware of the impact AI will have on their industries but don’t know where to turn for help. Stellis AI aims to provide AI strategy development, education, and workshops to companies of all sizes, including small businesses. Gillespie’s goal is to create growth opportunities for small companies through the use of AI, drawing on his experience at Amazon to help non-tech organizations navigate the rapidly shifting AI landscape.

Gillespie’s focus on non-tech organizations is a deliberate choice to help companies that may be overwhelmed by the prospect of implementing AI solutions without the necessary expertise. Stellis AI offers a range of services, from strategy development to building AI solutions with its own in-house development team. By providing tailored guidance to companies that may not have the resources or knowledge to navigate the complexities of AI, Stellis aims to democratize access to AI technology and help non-tech organizations leverage AI to drive growth and innovation.

Nathan Labenz, the “AI scout” at Stellis AI and co-founder of the company, brings additional expertise in the field of AI and technology. Labenz, who previously founded video creation platform Waymark, is also the host of “The Cognitive Revolution” podcast, exploring the impact of AI on society. Stellis AI has secured funding from Mudita Venture Partners, enabling the startup to hire a development team and generate revenue. Gillespie acknowledges the challenges of building a new organization but is committed to creating a positive impact and helping companies harness the power of AI to drive success.

As Stellis AI continues to grow and establish its presence in the marketplace, Gillespie remains focused on providing value to clients and disrupting the dominance of tech consulting firms like McKinsey and Deloitte. By offering personalized, hands-on guidance and education, Stellis aims to empower companies of all sizes to embrace AI technology and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape. Gillespie’s background at Amazon, combined with Labenz’s expertise in AI and technology, positions Stellis AI as a valuable resource for non-tech organizations seeking to leverage AI for growth and innovation.

Stellis AI’s participation in Seattle AI Week, including workshops and a demo day featuring Seattle-area AI startups, demonstrates the company’s commitment to engaging with the local AI community and sharing its expertise with a wider audience. By contributing to events like Seattle AI Week, Gillespie and Stellis AI are helping to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration in the AI industry, building connections and sharing knowledge to drive the continued growth of AI technology. With a focus on creating positive impact and helping companies navigate the complexities of AI, Stellis AI is well-positioned to drive growth and innovation in non-tech organizations seeking to leverage AI technology effectively.

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