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The women’s race at the UCI Mountain Bike World Series saw a tight battle among top contenders, with Martina Berta taking an early lead. Richards, Rissveds, and Pedersen were among the riders in contention. The race remained close for the first few laps, with different riders taking turns at the front. 2018 World Champion Kate Courtney made a decisive move on lap three, but it was Richards who ultimately surged ahead to claim victory by seven seconds. Henderson finished in second place, with Keller in third. Richards credited her strategy and preparation for the win, highlighting the challenging conditions and the need to adapt during the race.

In the men’s race, world champion Sam Gaze and Luca Schwarzbauer engaged in a thrilling battle for the top spot. Schwarzbauer initially took the lead and set a fast pace, with riders like Flückiger and Sarrou in pursuit. Gaze, sporting the rainbow stripes, made his move and challenged Schwarzbauer for the lead. The race saw several lead changes, with Schwarzbauer and Gaze matching each other’s pace. Gaze eventually pulled ahead on the final lap, securing a clear victory. Schwarzbauer finished in second, with Vidaurre in third. Both Gaze and Schwarzbauer reflected on the challenging conditions and the competitive nature of the race.

Schwarzbauer praised the track and the support from fellow riders, noting the importance of teamwork in a demanding race. Gaze highlighted the difficulty of focusing in the lead-up to the event but expressed satisfaction with his performance. The heat and physical demands of the course were significant factors for both riders, requiring them to push themselves to the limit. Vidaurre celebrated his podium finish, emphasizing the joy of competing and the importance of patience and trust in the training process. The camaraderie among riders and the support from fans added to the overall experience of the event.

The UCI Mountain Bike World Series showcased top-level competition and exciting races in both the men’s and women’s categories. Riders displayed skill, determination, and adaptability in navigating a challenging course and fierce competition. The close finishes and strategic moves added to the drama of the races, with athletes pushing themselves to the limit to secure victory. The performances of Richards, Gaze, and other top riders demonstrated their talent and potential heading into the Olympic season. The event provided a platform for riders to test their form, build camaraderie, and connect with fans, further enriching the mountain biking community. Fans can catch the action on discovery+ for live and on-demand coverage of the UCI Mountain Bike World Series.

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