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Eternos is a startup that offers a unique solution to achieving some form of immortality through AI technology. By creating AI voice clones of individuals, Eternos allows loved ones to continue interacting with them after they have passed away. The company was founded by Rob LoCascio, who wanted to explore consumer services after years of focusing on business applications. Eternos caters to the growing population of baby boomers in the US who are interested in preserving their legacy and knowledge for future generations.

Eternos works with clients to create a “digital legacy” and a “digital voice twin” using AI technology. The AI replica is created by recording the client saying 300 training phrases to capture their emotional voice. A 150-question interview is then conducted to capture the breadth of the client’s knowledge on various topics. Clients can customize the content accessible to their AI twin, adding or changing information as needed. Loved ones can interact with the AI replica by asking questions, seeking advice, or even requesting to hear a bedtime story.

Each AI replica is an individual model trained on data from the specific person it represents. The cost of creating an AI replica is currently $15,000, reflecting the high-quality production process. While this price may come down in the future, the focus remains on maintaining the quality of the AI replicas. Eternos has already signed 17 clients and has received interest from additional individuals. The company is privately funded and may consider external financing in the future.

The use of generative AI technology in creating AI replicas opens up a wide range of possibilities beyond just interacting with deceased loved ones. AI can be utilized for various applications such as generating content, travel planning, home repairs scheduling, and even translating baby cries. These use cases are expected to multiply as AI continues to evolve rapidly. By offering a way to preserve digital legacies and interact with AI replicas of deceased individuals, Eternos is providing a novel solution to the age-old quest for immortality.

As AI technology advances, the capabilities of AI replicas are expected to improve. Eternos aims to provide a comprehensive platform for creating and interacting with AI clones, offering a unique experience for individuals interested in preserving their legacy and knowledge for future generations. The company’s focus on quality and customization ensures that each AI replica is a personalized representation of the individual it is based on. With the potential for continued growth and development in the AI industry, Eternos and similar startups are paving the way for new possibilities in digital immortality and legacy preservation.

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