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Escape From Tarkov, a popular online multiplayer game, is starting to show signs of aging in its visual department. However, game director Nikita Buyanov recently announced a significant change that is expected to improve the game’s appearance. In a post on X, Buyanov revealed that the fog on Escape From Tarkov maps will be reduced in an upcoming update, potentially bringing the game up to a more modern standard for visuals.

Most maps in Escape From Tarkov feature varying levels of fog, which can hinder visibility in more open areas. While players may become accustomed to the fog after spending time in the game, it has contributed to a specific look that is beginning to feel outdated. By reducing the fog, players should be able to see further across each map and experience an overall improvement in the appearance of dark and dingy areas in Tarkov. Some mods have already removed the fog, revealing a stark difference in visuals, although adjustments may be needed for certain textures to maintain cohesion within the game environment.

This reduction in fog is expected to be the first phase of a visual rework that has been promised before Escape From Tarkov reaches version 1.0. Buyanov mentioned in a recent interview with streamer Pestily that the overhaul would be substantial and would undergo testing before final implementation. As players anticipate an upcoming wipe in the game, it is likely that patch notes will reveal additional visual changes as part of this ongoing overhaul. There is also optimism within the community that the removal of fog could lead to improved game performance, which has been a concern for some time. Tarkov has historically required a powerful PC to run smoothly, and recent updates have only heightened these requirements. Since fog can be taxing on GPUs, fans are hopeful that reducing it will result in better performance across all maps.

Full details of the visual update are expected to be disclosed in an upcoming TarkovTV stream, possibly scheduled for the current month. This event will likely provide more insight into what players can expect from the upcoming changes and give a glimpse into the direction of the game’s visual enhancements. As anticipation builds for these updates, players are eager to see how the reduction in fog and other visual improvements will impact their gameplay experience in Escape From Tarkov.

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