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In a brazen and apparently coordinated attack, an inmate named Skylar Meade escaped from a Boise hospital in Idaho while receiving medical treatment, after a gunman entered the hospital, shot two corrections officers, and successfully fled with Meade in a vehicle. Boise police reported that Idaho Department of Corrections officials had taken Meade to Saint Alphonsus hospital for medical care, when the gunman attacked the officers as they were preparing to leave with Meade. The identities of the gunman and Meade are currently unknown, but they both escaped in a gray four-door sedan. Two corrections officers were injured in the shooting, with one in critical but stable condition and the other sustaining serious but non-life-threatening injuries. Additionally, a responding Boise police officer accidentally shot a third corrections officer, mistaking them for the gunman.

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar described the incident as a brazen, violent, and apparently coordinated attack on Idaho Department of Corrections personnel to aid in the escape of a dangerous inmate. He emphasized that the suspects are armed, dangerous, and willing to use extreme violence in pursuit of their criminal activities. Meade, who was serving a 20-year sentence related to a high-speed flight and shooting at police officers in Twin Falls, Idaho in 2016, has a history of violent behavior while incarcerated. In 2017, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possession of a shank inside the Twin Falls County Jail, indicating a willingness to use violence against law enforcement.

According to experts, while prison escapes are not uncommon, high-profile escapes involving dangerous individuals from secure facilities are rare. In the past five years, over 1,100 prison escapes have occurred, but instances like Meade’s escape with the assistance of a gunman are less common. In a similar case from last year, convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante escaped from a Pennsylvania prison and evaded capture for nearly two weeks before being apprehended. However, Cavalcante’s escape was not coordinated with an outsider and did not involve a violent attack to facilitate the escape. The unique circumstances of Meade’s escape make it a significant event in the realm of prison security and law enforcement.

Authorities are currently conducting a search for Skylar Meade and the gunman involved in the escape. The coordinated nature of the attack and the violent actions taken by the suspects have raised concerns about public safety and law enforcement officers’ vulnerability to such brazen attacks. Boise police are urging anyone with information about the whereabouts of Meade or the gunman to come forward, emphasizing the danger posed by these individuals and the need to locate and apprehend them swiftly. The escape has prompted a heightened sense of security in the area and a reevaluation of protocols for transporting and guarding inmates receiving medical treatment in external facilities to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The escape of Skylar Meade highlights the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in ensuring the security of correctional facilities and protecting officers from violent attacks. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks and dangers associated with managing and containing individuals with violent histories within the prison system. As the search for Meade continues, authorities are working diligently to track down the fugitive and the accomplice responsible for the escape, in order to bring them to justice and prevent any further harm to the community. The brazen nature of the attack underscores the need for enhanced security measures and coordination among law enforcement agencies to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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