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N.C. State alumnus and broadcaster Ernie Myers, who played for the Wolfpack from 1982-1986 and won the 1983 National Championship, is witnessing history as both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have earned a spot in the Elite Eight in the same season for the first time in history. Myers, who has spent nearly two decades behind the microphone calling N.C. State women’s basketball games, has seen the program grow and flourish under coach Wes Moore. Moore has led the women’s team to the Elite Eight for the second time in three seasons and has continued the winning tradition, even when the program has been underrated.

Myers reflects on the different mentalities of the N.C. State teams he was a part of and the current teams. He notes that the women’s program, under coach Moore, has solidified itself as a powerhouse in college basketball, balancing fun and focus to achieve success. Myers acknowledges the influence of former coach Kay Yow on the program’s growth and is confident that she would be proud of the team’s achievements under Moore’s leadership. The women’s team’s success is a testament to the culture and resilience of the program.

For the men’s team, Myers acknowledges that they may not embrace the “Cinderella” label, given their status as a team from a big conference. However, their improbable run to the Elite Eight, despite challenges such as a four-game losing streak and injuries, is reminiscent of the 1983 team’s journey to the national championship. Myers recalls the feeling of catching lightning in a bottle with the Cardiac Pack and sees parallels in the current men’s team’s resilience and determination. The team is defying expectations and making a name for themselves in the NCAA Tournament.

Both the men’s and women’s teams being on the cusp of making more history is a source of pride and excitement for Myers. He reflects on the significance of having two Final Eight teams from N.C. State and the feeling of getting respectability again for the program. Myers sees the success of both teams as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the coaches, players, and staff who have helped elevate the program to new heights. The opportunity to witness history being made by both teams fills Myers with a sense of nostalgia and pride for his alma mater.

Myers emphasizes the importance of belief and perseverance in achieving success in the NCAA Tournament, drawing parallels between the current teams and his experiences as a player. He notes that the resilience and determination exhibited by both the men’s and women’s teams are qualities that have been ingrained in the N.C. State basketball program over the years. The culture of the program, instilled by coaches like Jim Valvano and Kay Yow, continues to drive the teams towards excellence on the national stage, inspiring fans and alumni like Myers.

As the men’s and women’s teams prepare for their Elite Eight matchups, Myers is filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds. He acknowledges the challenges and obstacles that both teams have overcome to reach this point and expresses confidence in their ability to continue making history. Myers’ unique perspective as a former player and current broadcaster provides insight into the impact of these historic achievements on the N.C. State basketball program and the loyal fan base that supports the teams through every victory and defeat.

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