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Eric Adjepong, a fan-favorite Top Chef alum, has been busy since leaving the Bravo cooking show, adding accomplishments such as TV host, ambassador, and kitchenware designer to his resume. Currently hosting the Food Network series Wildcard Kitchen, Eric guides contestants through a culinary game of poker where they face unpredictable challenges for a chance to win big. One trend Eric is predicting for this summer is the resurgence of punch bowls filled with delicious drinks, perfect for outdoor entertaining. He has even created his own punch bowl as part of an exclusive collection with Crate & Barrel, which also includes serving platters, dishes, cutting boards, and other kitchen essentials inspired by his West African and NYC roots.

In addition to his work in the kitchen and on television, Eric has been named an ambassador for Save the Children, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children worldwide. Alongside celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Enrique Iglesias, and Olivia Wilde, Eric has used his platform to raise awareness about food insecurity and to lead cooking demonstrations at fundraising events. His commitment to giving back and using his culinary skills to make a positive impact is evident in his involvement with Save the Children and other charitable initiatives.

Despite his busy schedule, Eric remains focused on his passion for cooking, and he graciously shared his kitchen essentials with us. From inexpensive items he always repurchases to the kitchen tool he has owned the longest, Eric’s picks reflect his dedication to his craft and his attention to detail in the kitchen. By sharing these recommendations, Eric allows fans to channel their inner Top Chef and elevate their own cooking and entertaining experiences with the tools that have served him well throughout his career.

The influence of Eric’s West African and NYC roots is evident in the design of his kitchenware collection, which he describes as bringing important parts of his past to people’s kitchens and living rooms. By incorporating elements of food, clothing, and jewelry that have shaped his culinary journey, Eric offers functional pieces that can be used and appreciated as art in the home. His dedication to creating pieces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing reflects his commitment to sharing his heritage and love of cooking with others.

Through his work as a chef, TV host, ambassador, and kitchenware designer, Eric Adjepong continues to make an impact in the culinary world and beyond. His unique perspective and ability to blend his diverse influences have allowed him to create a collection of kitchen essentials that are both beautiful and functional. By sharing his recommendations and predictions for upcoming trends, Eric invites fans to join him in celebrating food, culture, and community through cooking and entertaining. As he looks ahead to future projects and opportunities, Eric’s passion for his craft shines through in everything he does.

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