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The opening of Luna Park at Coney Island for its 121st season was marked by excitement and thrill as roller coaster enthusiasts gathered at the iconic amusement park. Ben Schleider, a Brooklyn native, proposed to his girlfriend, Dena Greenbaum, after getting off the Cyclone, fulfilling her dream of being proposed to on the classic ride. Family gathered as Ben tearfully popped the question with Dena’s grandmother’s cherished diamond ring, making it a special and memorable moment for the couple.

Among the riders on opening day was Eric Knapp, a devoted fan of the Cyclone who has attended every opening day since 1973. Known as “Mr. Cyclone,” Knapp waits in line all night to be the first one on the ride and even has a tattoo of the coaster on his arm. He encourages others to embrace their inner child and enjoy life, emphasizing the importance of having fun and not worrying about trivial matters. The excitement and nostalgia of riding the Cyclone brought back memories of childhood for many visitors, including Herve Buirette, a tourist from Paris, who felt like a kid again at the amusement park.

The delayed opening of Luna Park due to inclement weather did not dampen the spirits of fans who lined up to kick off the new season under blue skies and sunshine. Alessandro Zamperla, the CFO of Luna Park owner’s Central Amusement International Inc., expressed enthusiasm for the positive energy and support from the community on opening day. The park introduced a new attraction called Electric Eden Raceway, featuring a go-kart raceway with bright LED lights and a video mapping system, as well as other updates such as new retail locations, arcade games, and concession stands.

The Cyclone remains the star attraction at Luna Park, captivating visitors with its iconic status as one of the world’s most famous roller coasters. Zamperla emphasized the significance of the Cyclone as a must-visit attraction for anyone coming to New York, highlighting its history and exhilarating experience. The 97th season of the Cyclone promises to be even better with each passing year, as the park continues to uphold its tradition and thrill riders with its exciting twists and turns. Admission to Luna Park is free, with rides starting at $4, offering visitors a chance to experience the thrills and nostalgia of the iconic Cyclone and other attractions at Coney Island.

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