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The design process behind Emily Ratajkowski’s divorce jewelry involved splitting her original engagement ring into two separate but complementary rings. The pieces incorporated the original stones and settings, with the pear-shaped diamond being used for a pinky ring and the princess-cut diamond being enhanced with additional stones. The silhouette of the new rings was inspired by Rihanna, with a focus on creating a fresh yet timeless design. Ratajkowski wanted something different from her original ring, which had lost its special feeling after being copied numerous times. She found the new rings so striking that she hasn’t been able to take them off, even sleeping with them on.

The process of designing the new rings was not just a fun challenge for Ratajkowski and designer Alison Lou, but also had a deeper meaning for the model. The rings symbolized a transitional period in her life, representing her journey to reclaiming her autonomy and finding peace within herself. Putting on the rings gave Ratajkowski a sense of power, as she used them as a way to change the narrative around divorce and moving on. Despite the challenges she has faced in recent years, Ratajkowski feels a renewed sense of happiness and confidence in the life she is building with her son. The rings serve as a reminder of her ability to find joy in unexpected ways and to create a future that she never imagined.

Ratajkowski’s decision to split her engagement ring and create new pieces reflects her desire to redefine the meaning of jewelry and its significance in her life. The unique design of the new rings, inspired by Rihanna and customized to fit Ratajkowski’s personal style, demonstrates her commitment to making a statement and embracing change. By wearing the rings constantly, Ratajkowski showcases her attachment to the symbolic value they hold for her, serving as a reminder of her strength and resilience throughout challenging times. The rings become a talisman of transformation and empowerment, reflecting Ratajkowski’s journey towards self-discovery and inner peace.

The evolution of Ratajkowski’s divorce jewelry from her original engagement ring to the new, split pieces signifies a turning point in her life and a declaration of her independence and self-empowerment. The process of reimagining the ring design allowed Ratajkowski to reclaim ownership of her story and create a new narrative surrounding her divorce and personal growth. By infusing the rings with meaning and symbolism, Ratajkowski transforms them into more than just accessories, turning them into powerful reminders of her resilience and ability to find happiness and peace in the face of adversity.

The symbolism of Ratajkowski’s new rings extends beyond their physical design, representing a shift in perspective and a celebration of personal transformation. By choosing to create new pieces from her original engagement ring, Ratajkowski emphasizes the importance of forging her own path and finding joy in unexpected places. The rings serve as a visual representation of her process of healing and growth, serving as a source of strength and inspiration as she navigates the challenges of divorce and single parenthood. Overall, Ratajkowski’s divorce jewelry reflects her journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment, embodying the idea that through creativity and self-expression, one can find peace and happiness in the face of life’s challenges.

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