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New York Red Bulls star Emil Forsberg’s wife, Shanga, accused him of neglecting and ghosting his family in a social media post, leading to their split after nearly eight years of marriage. Since moving from RB Leipzig in Germany to the Major League Soccer club during the offseason, Forsberg has reportedly not kept in regular contact with his family. Divorce papers have been filed, and Shanga expressed her disappointment in a heartfelt Instagram post in Swedish, stating that she values her children’s well-being above all else. She also mentioned that Forsberg seemed to be focusing more on his new life in New York than on his family.

Shanga expressed her sadness over the situation, stating that she never thought she would have to part ways with Forsberg after 19 years together. She explained that despite her love and support for him, there are limits to what she is willing to tolerate. She pointed out that being taken for granted and neglected is not a form of love. Shanga also mentioned that, according to reports, Forsberg has been talking to reporters more than his own family, which further hurt her and their children. She emphasized that she will prioritize the well-being and security of their children going forward.

Forsberg, who has been in a relationship with Shanga for almost two decades, has yet to address the situation publicly. He is currently playing for Sweden as the team participates in several international friendlies. Forsberg began his professional soccer career in Sweden in 2009 and later moved to RB Leipzig in 2024 before joining the New York Red Bulls for the 2024 MLS season. So far, he has played in four matches for the Red Bulls and has scored one goal, contributing to the team’s record of 3-1-1. It remains to be seen how this personal issue will affect his performance on the field.

The news of Forsberg and Shanga’s split has garnered attention in the media and among soccer fans, with many expressing their support for Shanga and her decision to prioritize her children’s well-being. The couple’s breakup is a reminder of the challenges faced by professional athletes in maintaining personal relationships while pursuing their careers. Forsberg’s move to New York was meant to be a fresh start, but it appears to have led to the breakdown of his marriage. The situation serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of balancing professional success with family life and communication.

As the story continues to unfold, the public will be looking for updates on Forsberg and Shanga’s relationship and how it will impact their children and respective careers. The emotional Instagram post by Shanga sheds light on the difficulties faced by families of professional athletes and the toll that distance and neglect can take on relationships. While Forsberg remains focused on his soccer career and representing Sweden internationally, his personal life is now under the spotlight. It remains to be seen how he will address the situation and whether reconciliation is a possibility in the future.

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