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The full Snow Moon in Virgo is set to peak on February 24, 2024 at 7:28 a.m. EST. The ideal time for viewing will be Friday night since the moon will be below the horizon during the peak hours. This full moon is in the Virgo sign and is opposite to the sun in Pisces, creating a balance between extremes. The purpose of this lunation is to integrate the archetypes of Virgo and Pisces to find the golden mean.

The full moon will also be opposing Mercury and Saturn which are in Pisces. Mercury rules information and exchange, while Saturn is concerned with limits and edges. This opposition is designed to test boundaries and promote clarity in conversations, delivering compassion to all parties involved. The full moon encourages us to move from feelings to form, and from intention to action, much like a micromoon appears smaller in the night sky.

Full moons mark the culmination of a lunar cycle, bringing revelations and the closing of cycles in various aspects of life. The Virgo full moon is associated with purification rituals and symbolizes renewal and growth. The Snow Moon in February historically signified scarcity and the need for strategic planning as people approach the end of winter. This full moon invites introspection about what makes us feel full and the areas in which we may have accepted scarcity.

Virgo and Pisces represent action and intuition, respectively, and are associated with healing. Healing can be found through creative expression and physical release, clearing the way for the essential aspects of life. Under these energies, it is important to pay attention to codependent dynamics and focus on self-care. All signs will feel the influence of this full moon, with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces likely feeling its effects most acutely.

The lessons of this lunation are symbolized by producer Rick Rubin, who embodies the practical poet and poetic pragmatist axis of the Pisces/Virgo energy. Rubin’s minimalist approach to production reveals the essence of music, much like the full moon encourages us to strip away what is unnecessary in our lives. The axis reminds us that renewal is a process of small steps in a determined direction, and that monumental achievements often have humble beginnings.

In conclusion, the Snow Moon in Virgo invites us to find balance between extremes, purify and renew aspects of our lives, and focus on healing and self-care. By taking small steps towards our goals and integrating practicality with intuition, we can navigate the challenges brought on by this full moon. Each zodiac sign will feel the influence differently, but overall, the focus is on introspection, clarity, and compassion during this period.

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