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As a millennial, it can sometimes be challenging to keep up with the trends of today, such as the popular social media platform TikTok. A Reddit thread where users discussed things young people love but they don’t understand provided reassurance to those who feel this way. Some of the things mentioned included public TikTok dancing, filming themselves crying, and the need to share everything on social media, from meals to partners. Additionally, there was frustration with the idea of acting dumb being seen as cool, as well as the amount of online content that many people create, leading to questions about how they find the time for it.

Other points of confusion revolved around behaviors such as talking loudly on speakerphone in public, referring to disliked individuals as narcissistic, and filming random strangers without consent for social media clout. There were also mentions of not understanding the popularity of social media celebrities, extravagant proms and baby showers, and videos that claim to be life hacks but are really just common sense. Unboxing videos were seen as somewhat useful for finding out what’s in a box, but it was not understood why people watch them as entertainment.

Specific beauty trends, like large over-the-top fake eyelashes, and online trends, such as Mukbang videos where individuals eat excessively on camera, were mentioned as being confusing to some individuals. The use of Snapchat and location sharing was also criticized as being vain and overly connected, with a sentiment that humans are not meant to be constantly plugged into each other’s lives. The thread invited users to share their own experiences and thoughts on things young people love but they don’t understand, creating a conversation around the various trends and behaviors that can be perplexing to different generations. Ultimately, this discussion highlighted the diverse perspectives and preferences that exist within society, shedding light on the evolving landscape of social norms and trends.

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