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World schooling, which involves using the world as your classroom, is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional homeschooling. Rather than learning from books and screens, world schooling encourages hands-on, immersive experiences in different locations around the globe. This approach allows children to learn about geography by visiting glaciers in Iceland, studying art in Amsterdam, and exploring biodiversity in the Azores. While world schooling is a privileged way of education that requires time and money, it can be a transformative and enriching experience for both parents and children.

For one mother and her seven-year-old son, the decision to homeschool and world school was prompted by her son’s neurodiversity and struggles with traditional schooling. Feeling misunderstood and bullied, the mother decided to take her son out of school and embark on a world schooling adventure. Their inspiration came from a trip to Iceland, where they hiked into a glacier and explored Viking history. This experience sparked a newfound interest in learning through travel and exploration, setting the stage for their future world schooling endeavors.

Their first world schooling trip took them to the Netherlands, where they immersed themselves in art and culture. From visiting the iconic Mauritshuis museum in The Hague to exploring the works of Piet Mondrian at the Singer museum in Laren, the mother and son had a hands-on learning experience that went beyond traditional classroom settings. Along the way, they sampled local Dutch cuisine, tried raw oysters, and learned interesting facts about the country’s culture and history.

While world schooling offers unique opportunities for experiential learning, it also comes with its own set of challenges. The mother and son faced complaints of boredom, aching legs from rushing between locations, and the strain of managing their budget. Despite these challenges, they learned valuable lessons that they could not have learned in a traditional classroom setting. From recreating artworks to practicing language skills and writing poetry inspired by their travels, every day brought new and exciting learning experiences.

Although world schooling may not be a long-term solution for every family, it provides a dynamic and engaging approach to education that prioritizes real-life interactions with the world. For this mother and son, world schooling has sparked a newfound passion for learning and exploration. As they plan their next trip and continue to learn and grow together, they are embracing the idea that every day is a school day. Through world schooling, they have found a way to make education not only educational but also enjoyable, meaningful, and deeply enriching.

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