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Dustin Poirier is gearing up for what could be his final opportunity to become the undisputed UFC lightweight champion as he prepares to face Islam Makhachev in the main event of UFC 302. Poirier, who has hinted at retirement, remains confident in his abilities heading into the bout. Despite Makhachev’s coach suggesting they may not believe they can win, Poirier asserts that he is fully capable of emerging victorious if he sticks to his techniques inside the cage.

The 35-year-old former interim champion has challenged for the undisputed title twice before, falling short against Khabib Nurmagomedov and Charles Oliveira. Poirier is aware of the threat Makhachev poses, particularly with his proficiency in rear-naked chokes. However, he remains undeterred and confident that he can defeat Makhachev if he executes his game plan effectively during the fight. Poirier emphasizes that all the pre-fight talk does not matter once the cage door closes, highlighting the importance of focusing on executing techniques.

Poirier recognizes that the outcome of the fight ultimately lies in his hands and that he is the one who has the power to determine the result based on his actions inside the octagon. He dismisses the significance of external factors such as media, critics, opponents, and their camps, emphasizing his own agency in controlling the fight. Poirier’s mentality is focused on the fight being a kill-or-be-killed scenario, where he is prepared to either finish Makhachev or be finished himself. He maintains a strong belief in his skills and abilities, knowing that he is the one in control of his destiny in the fight.

Despite the high stakes of potentially ending his career with a title victory, Poirier remains resolute in his approach to the fight. He is determined to make the most of the opportunity and is undaunted by the pressure and expectations surrounding the bout. Poirier’s confidence and belief in his capabilities are unwavering as he prepares to face Makhachev in what could be a career-defining moment. With his sights set on the ultimate prize of becoming the UFC lightweight champion, Poirier is focused on delivering a dominant performance on fight night.

As the countdown to UFC 302 continues, Poirier’s preparations are in full swing as he fine-tunes his tactics and strategies for the upcoming battle. The intensity and focus are evident in his training regimen as he gears up for what could be the defining moment of his MMA career. With his eyes set on the prize and his determination unwavering, Poirier is poised to leave everything in the cage and give it his all in pursuit of UFC gold. His unwavering belief in his abilities and commitment to achieving victory make him a formidable opponent for Makhachev as they prepare to clash in the octagon.

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