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Reality star Crystal Kung Minkoff from RHOBH recently shared a scary incident that occurred while she was on a family trip overseas. Four intruders broke into her home while she was in Japan on spring break with her husband and two children. The intruders were confronted by her friends who were house-sitting and ultimately ran away. Crystal expressed her shock and mentioned that they needed to step up their security to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Crystal revealed that the intruders gained access to her home by jumping over the gate, prompting her to increase security measures. While she didn’t want to go into too much detail about the experience, she mentioned that her friends didn’t arm the security system properly during the break-in. She realized that they needed to make significant changes to ensure the safety of her family and property.

The reality star expressed her commitment to implementing all necessary security measures, including raising walls, fences, and other improvements. She stressed the importance of being vigilant and taking proactive steps to prevent future incidents. Crystal acknowledged that the incident serves as a reminder to always stay prepared and not underestimate the potential risks of burglaries or intrusions.

Crystal emphasized that they were fortunate that her friends were able to handle the situation and that no one was harmed during the break-in. She expressed gratitude for their quick thinking and bravery in confronting the intruders. The incident served as a wake-up call for Crystal and her family to reassess their security protocols and take necessary precautions to safeguard their home and loved ones.

Overall, Crystal’s experience highlights the importance of maintaining strong security measures to protect against potential threats. Her story serves as a reminder of the risks involved in sharing travel plans on social media and the importance of securing homes while away. By being proactive and vigilant, individuals can reduce the risk of break-ins and intrusions and ensure the safety of their families and property. Crystal’s commitment to enhancing security measures reflects a proactive approach to preventing future incidents and ensuring peace of mind.

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